TextureFill class

Encapsulates the object that represents texture fill format

public class TextureFill : Fill


Name Description
ImageData { get; set; } Gets and sets the image data of the fill.
IsTiling { get; set; } Indicates whether tile picture as texture.
PicFormatOption { get; set; } Gets or sets picture format option.
PictureFormatType { get; set; } Gets and sets the picture format type.
Scale { get; set; } Gets and sets the picture format scale.
TilePicOption { get; set; } Gets or sets tile picture option.
Transparency { get; set; } Returns or sets the degree of transparency of the area as a value from 0.0 (opaque) through 1.0 (clear).
Type { get; set; } Gets and sets the texture type


Name Description
override Equals(object) /(Inherited from Fill.)
override GetHashCode() Gets the hash code.(Inherited from Fill.)

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