Class ConnectionParameter

ConnectionParameter class

Specifies properties about any parameters used with external data connections Parameters are valid for ODBC and web queries.

public class ConnectionParameter


CellReference { get; set; }Cell reference indicating which cell’s value to use for the query parameter. Used only when parameterType is cell.
Name { get; set; }The name of the parameter.
Prompt { get; set; }Prompt string for the parameter. Presented to the spreadsheet user along with input UI to collect the parameter value before refreshing the external data. Used only when parameterType = prompt.
RefreshOnChange { get; set; }Flag indicating whether the query should automatically refresh when the contents of a cell that provides the parameter value changes. If true, then external data is refreshed using the new parameter value every time there’s a change. If false, then external data is only refreshed when requested by the user, or some other event triggers refresh (e.g., workbook opened).
SqlType { get; set; }SQL data type of the parameter. Only valid for ODBC sources.
Type { get; set; }Type of parameter used. If the parameterType=value, then the value from boolean, double, integer, or string will be used. In this case, it is expected that only one of {boolean, double, integer, or string} will be specified.
Value { get; set; }Non-integer numeric value,Integer value,String value or Boolean value to use as the query parameter. Used only when parameterType is value.

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