Enum SqlDataType

SqlDataType enumeration

Specifies SQL data type of the parameter. Only valid for ODBC sources.

public enum SqlDataType


SqlUnsignedOffset-22sql unsigned offset
SqlSignedOffset-20sql signed offset
SqlGUID-11sql guid
SqlWLongVarchar-10sql wide long variable char
SqlWVarchar-9sql wide variable char
SqlWChar-8sql wide char
SqlBit-7sql bit
SqlTinyInt-6sql tiny int
SqlBigInt-5sql big int
SqlLongVarBinary-4sql long variable binary
SqlVarBinary-3sql variable binary
SqlBinary-2sql binary
SqlLongVarChar-1sql long variable char
SqlUnknownType0sql unknown type
SqlChar1sql char
SqlNumeric2sql numeric
SqlDecimal3sql decimal
SqlInteger4sql integer
SqlSmallInt5sql small int
SqlFloat6sql float
SqlReal7sql real
SqlDouble8sql double
SqlTypeDate9sql date type
SqlTypeTime10sql time type
SqlTypeTimestamp11sql timestamp type
SqlVarChar12sql variable char
SqlIntervalYear101sql interval year
SqlIntervalMonth102sql interval month
SqlIntervalDay103sql interval day
SqlIntervalHour104sql interval hour
SqlIntervalMinute105sql interval minute
SqlIntervalSecond106sql interval second
SqlIntervalYearToMonth107sql interval year to month
SqlIntervalDayToHour108sql interval day to hour
SqlIntervalDayToMinute109sql interval day to minute
SqlIntervalDayToSecond110sql interval day to second
SqlIntervalHourToMinute111sql interval hour to minute
SqlIntervalHourToSecond112sql interval hour to second
SqlIntervalMinuteToSecond113sql interval minute to second

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