The Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop.Data namespace contains classes of GridWorkbook, GridRow, GridCell, GridPicture, GridPivotTable and other objects of GridDesktop.


CellEventHandlerRepresents the interface that intend to handle cell events.
CellEventStringHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell events. same as CellEventHandler interface,but return string result
CustomCommandEventHandlerRepresents the interface that intend to handle Custom Command events.
GridCellRepresents a cell object.
GridCellAreaRepresents an area of cells.
GridCellExceptionRepresents a cell operation error.
GridCellsEncapsulates a collection of Cell objects.
GridColumnRepresents a single column in a worksheet.
GridColumnCollectionCollects the objects that represent the individual columns in a worksheet.
GridCommentEncapsulates the object that represents a cell comment.
GridCommentCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Comment objects.
GridExportTableOptionsRepresents all export table options.
GridFontEncapsulates the font object used in a spreadsheet.
GridHyperlinkEncapsulates the object that represents a hyperlink.
GridHyperlinkCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Hyperlink objects.
GridImageOrPrintOptionsAllows to specify options when rendering worksheet to images, printing worksheet or rendering chart to image.
GridImportTableOptionsRepresents the options of importing data into cells.
GridNameEncapsulates the object that represents a name object.
GridNameCollectionEncapsulates a collection of GridName objects.
GridPdfSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving pdf file.
GridPictureEncapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
GridPictureCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Picture objects.
GridPivotFieldRepresents a field in a PivotTable report.
GridPivotFieldCollectionEncapsulates a collection of PivotField objects.
GridPivotItemRepresents a item in a PivotField report.
GridPivotItemCollectionEncapsulates a collection of PivotItem objects.
GridPivotTableRepresents a PivotTable report on a worksheet. The PivotTable object is a member of the !:PivotTables collection. The PivotTables collection contains all the PivotTable objects on a control.
GridPivotTableCollectionEncapsulates a collection of PivotTable objects.
GridRowEncapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
GridRowCollectionEncapsulates a collection of GridRow objects.
GridShapeCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Shape objects.
GridShapeDrawbase class of Shape and Picture
GridSheetPrintingPreviewWorksheet printing preview.
GridSheetRenderRepresents a worksheet render which can render worksheet to various images such as (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF..) The constructor of this class , must be used after modification of pagesetup, cell style.
GridValidationRepresents data validation.settings.
GridValidationCollectionEncapsulates a collection of GridValidation objects.
GridWorkbookRepresents a root object to create an Excel spreadsheet.
OnErrorActionQueryUsed in the CellError event of the GridWeb.
RowColumnEventHandlerRepresents the interface that intend to handle row/column events.
WorkbookEventHandlerRepresents the interface that intend to handle workbook events.


GridAutoFillTypeRepresents the auto fill type.
GridCellErrorTypeUsed in WebCellException. Represents the cell error type.
GridCellValueFormatStrategySpecifies how to apply style for the value of the cell.
GridEmfRenderSettingSetting for rendering Emf metafile.
GridFilterOperatorTypeCustom Filter operator type.
GridFontUnderlineTypeEnumerates the font underline types.
GridImageTypeSpecifies the type (format) of an image.
GridlineTypeEnumerates grid line Type.
GridLoadDataFilterOptionsRepresents the options to filter data when loading workbook from template.
GridMsoDrawingTypeRepresents office drawing objects type.
GridOperatorTypeRepresents the operator type of conditional format and data validation.
GridPasteTypeRepresents the paste special type.
GridPdfComplianceAllowing user to set PDF conversion’s Compatibility
GridPdfCompressionCoreSpecifies a type of compression applied to all content in the PDF file except images.
GridPdfCustomPropertiesExportSpecifies the way are exported to PDF file.
GridPdfFontEncodingRepresents pdf embedded font encoding.
GridPdfOptimizationTypeSpecifies a type of optimization.
GridPivotFieldFunctionRepresents consolidation function.
GridPivotFieldTypeRepresents PivotTable field type.
GridPrintingPageTypeIndicates which pages will not be printed.
GridRenameStrategyStrategy option for duplicate names of columns.
GridSaveFormatEnumerates supported file format types.
GridTextCrossTypeEnumerates displaying text type when the text width is larger than cell width.
GridValidationTypeRepresents data validation type.
NumberTypeRepresents the number or datetime format type.
OnErrorActionTypeUsed in CellError event of the GridWeb. User set the OnErrorActionQuery.OnErrorAction to tell the control Stop processing or Ignore error.
WebCellErrorTypeUsed in WebCellException. Represents the cell error type.