Encapsulates the object that represents a hyperlink.

public class GridHyperlink


Name Description
Address { get; set; } Represents the address of a hyperlink.
Area { get; } Gets the range of hyperlink.
Command { get; set; } Returns or sets the self defined command value text for the specified hyperlink.
virtual DiscardInput { get; set; } Indicates whether to discard user input at client browser when user click this CellCommand hyperlink. Could be used as an “undo” action.
ImageURL { get; set; } Get or Set Image URL for the link, there is no imageurl properties in hyperlink, so actually use TextToDisplay to record this value ,TextToDisplay will be set to <img src=value > so it will change the value of TextToDisplay
ScreenTip { get; set; } Returns or sets the ScreenTip text for the specified hyperlink.
Target { get; set; } Get or Set web link target type,please note this is an extension attribute and can not keep in excel file
TextToDisplay { get; set; } Represents the text to be displayed for the specified hyperlink. The default value is the address of the hyperlink.
Url { get; set; }

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