GridLoadDataFilterOptions enumeration

Represents the options to filter data when loading workbook from template.

public enum GridLoadDataFilterOptions


Name Value Description
All 2147483647 Load all
CellBlank 1 Load cells whose value is blank
CellString 2 Load cells whose value is string
CellNumeric 4 Load cells whose value is numeric(including datetime)
CellError 8 Load cells whose value is error
CellBool 16 Load cells whose value is bool
CellValue 31 Load cells value(all value types) only
Formula 32 Load cell formulas.
CellData 67108927 Load cells data including values, formulas and formatting
Chart 256 Load charts
Drawing 402653952 Drawing objects(including Chart, Picture, OleObject and all other drawing objects)
MergedArea 1024 Load merged cells
ConditionalFormatting 2048 Load conditional formatting
DataValidation 4096 Load data validations
PivotTable 8192 Load pivot tables
Table 16384 Load tables
Hyperlinks 32768 Load hyperlinks
SheetSettings 65536 Load settings for worksheet
SheetData 403701759 Load all data of worksheet, such as cells data, settings, objects, …etc.
BookSettings 1048576 Load settings for workbook
Settings 1114112 Load settings for workbook and worksheet
XmlMap 2097152 Load XmlMap
Structure 4194304 Load structure of the workbook
DocumentProperties 8388608 Load document properties
DefinedNames 16777216 Load defined Name objects
VBA 33554432 Load VBA projects
Style 67108864 Load styles for cell formatting
Picture 134217728 Load pictures
OleObject 268435456 Load OleObjects
Revision 536870912 Load revision logs

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