The Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop namespace contains classes of GUI based desktop control that can be embedded in windows application projects.


ButtonRepresents a cell button control.
CellComboBoxEventArgsProvides data for cell ComboBox events.
CellComboBoxEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell ComboBox events.
CellControlRepresents a cell control.
CellControlCollectionEncapsulates a collection of cell control.
CellControlEventArgsProvides data for cell control events.
CellControlEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell control events.
CellCopyComboBoxEventArgsProvides data for cell copy ComboBox events.
CellCopyComboBoxEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell copy events.
CellEventArgsProvides data for grid cell events.
CellEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell events.
CellFormatEventArgsProvides data for grid cell format event.
CellFormatEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell format events.
CellKeyEventArgsProvides data for grid cell key events.
CellKeyEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell key events.
CellLocationIndicates the cell location.
CellRangeEncapsulates the object that represents a range of cells within a spreadsheet.
CellRangeEventArgsProvides data for grid cellrange events.
CellRangeEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cellrange events.
CellRelativeInternal use only.
CellRelativeCollectionInternal use only.
CellValidationEventArgsProvides data for grid cell validation events.
CellValidationEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle cell validation events.
CheckBoxRepresents a cell checkbox control.
ComboBoxRepresents a cell combobox control.
CommentEventArgsProvides data for comment events.
CommentEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle comment events.
ContextMenuManagerRepresents context menu item’s available status.
CustomPropertyRepresents identifier information.
CustomPropertyCollectionA collection of CustomProperty objects that represent additional information.
GridDesktopAspose GridDesktop class Represents a root object to create an GridDesktop control. To use this control, simply drag it from your toolbox to a form or usercontrol.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
RowColumnEventArgsProvides data for row/column events.
RowFilterSettingsSummary description for RowFilter.
ShapeRepresents a shape object.
SortRangeIndicates a range of a Worksheet and provide method to sort the range datas by row or column.
StyleRepresents display style of excel document,such as font,color,alignment,border,etc.
ThemeColorRepresents a theme color.
UndoManagerEncapsulates the object that manages the undo/redo operations.
WorkbookEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle workbook events.
WorkbookFailLoadEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle workbook fail to load file.
WorksheetEncapsulates the object that represents a single worksheet.
WorksheetCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Worksheet objects.
WorksheetEventArgsProvides data for worksheet events.
WorksheetEventHandlerRepresents the method that intend to handle worksheet events.


ICustomColumnCaptionInterface for custom row caption.
ICustomRowCaptionInterface for custom row caption.
ICustomValidationInterface of a gridcell’s custom validation.


BorderLineTypeSpecifies the border line type for a gridCell.
BorderTypeSpecifies the border type for a gridCell.
FileFormatTypeEnumerates spreadsheet file format types
FormatConditionTypeConditional format rule type.
GridBackgroundTypeEnumerates cell background pattern types.
GridMemorySettingAspose GridMemorySetting class Represents Memory Setting Preference For GridDesktop.
HorizontalAlignmentTypeSpecifies how a gridcell is horizontally aligned.
RowColumnTypeRepresents the row/column type of the row/column events.
SortOrderRepresents what order the data sort by.
SortOrientationRepresents sorting orientation
TextDirectionTypeRepresents the direction of the text flow for this paragraph.
ThemeColorTypeEnumerates the theme color types.
VerticalAlignmentTypeSpecifies how a gridcell is vertically aligned.
WorkBookEventsWorkBook Events category.
WorksheetEventsWorksheet Events category.