Enum GridLoadFormat

GridLoadFormat enumeration

Represents the load file format.

public enum GridLoadFormat


Auto0Represents recognizing the format automatically.
Csv1Represents Comma-Separated Values(CSV) text file.
Xlsx6Represents Office Open XML spreadsheetML workbook or template, with or without macros.
Tsv11Represents TSV(tab-separated values file) file.
TabDelimited11Represents tab delimited text file, same with Tsv.
Html12Represents html file.
MHtml13Represents mhtml file.
Ods14Represents Open Document Sheet(ODS) file.
Excel97To20035Represents Excel97-2003 xls file.
SpreadsheetML15Represents Excel 2003 xml file.
Xlsb16Represents xlsb file.
Numbers56Represents numbers file.
Fods59Represents OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet (.fods) file format.
Sxc60Represents StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.sxc) file format.
Unknown255Represents unrecognized format, cannot be loaded.

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