Class GridHtmlSaveOptions

GridHtmlSaveOptions class

Represents the options for saving html file.

public class GridHtmlSaveOptions : GridSaveOptions


GridHtmlSaveOptions()Creates options for saving html file.
GridHtmlSaveOptions(GridSaveFormat)Creates options for saving htm file.


AttachedFilesDirectory { get; set; }The directory that the attached files will be saved to. Only for saving to html stream.
AttachedFilesUrlPrefix { get; set; }Specify the Url prefix of attached files such as image in the html file. Only for saving to html stream.
CachedFileFolder { get; set; }The cached file folder is used to store some large data.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
ClearData { get; set; }Make the workbook empty after saving the file.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
CreateDirectory { get; set; }If true and the directory does not exist, the directory will be automatically created before saving the file.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
DefaultFontName { get; set; }Specify the default font name for exporting html, the default font will be used when the font of style is not existing, If this property is null, Aspose.Cells will use universal font which have the same family with the original font, the default value is null.
Encoding { get; set; }If not set,use Encoding.UTF8 as default enconding type.
ExportActiveWorksheetOnly { get; set; }Indicates if exporting the whole workbook to html file.
ExportArea { get; set; }Gets or Sets the exporting CellArea of current active Worksheet. If you set this attribute, the print area of current active Worksheet will be omited. Only the specified area will be exported when saving the file to html.
ExportGridLines { get; set; }Indicating whether exporting the gridlines.The default value is false.
ExportHeadings { get; set; }Indicates whether exporting headings when saving file to html.The default value is false. If you want to import the html file to excel, please keep the default value.
ExportHiddenWorksheet { get; set; }Indicating if exporting the hidden worksheet content.The default value is true.
ExportImagesAsBase64 { get; set; }Specifies whether images are saved in Base64 format to HTML, MHTML or EPUB.
ExportPrintAreaOnly { get; set; }Indicates if only exporting the print area to html file. The default value is false.
ExportSingleTab { get; set; }Indicates whether exporting the single tab when the file only has one worksheet. The default value is false.
IsExportComments { get; set; }Indicates if exporting comments when saving file to html, the default value is false.
IsFullPathLink { get; set; }Indicating whether using full path link in sheet00x.htm,filelist.xml and tabstrip.htm. The default value is false.
MergeAreas { get; set; }Indicates whether merge the areas of conditional formatting and validation before saving the file.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
PageTitle { get; set; }The title of the html page. Only for saving to html stream.
ParseHtmlTagInCell { get; set; }Parse html tag in cell,like ,as cell value,or as html tag,default is true
PresentationPreference { get; set; }Indicating if html or mht file is presentation preference.The default value is false.if you want to get more beautiful presentation,please set the value to true.
RefreshChartCache { get; set; }Indicates whether refreshing chart cache data(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
SaveFormat { get; }Gets the save file format.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
SortNames { get; set; }Indicates whether sorting defined names before saving file.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)
ValidateMergedAreas { get; set; }Indicates whether validate merged cells before saving the file.(Inherited from GridSaveOptions.)

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