Class GridPivotTable

GridPivotTable class

Represents a PivotTable report on a worksheet. The PivotTable object is a member of the GridPivotTable collection. The PivotTables collection contains all the PivotTable objects on a control.

public class GridPivotTable


AddFieldToArea(GridPivotFieldType, int)Adds the field to the specific area.
AddFieldToArea(GridPivotFieldType, string)Adds the field to the specific area.
CalculateData()Calculates pivottable’s data to cells.
ClearAllFields()clear all pivot fields.
Fields(GridPivotFieldType)Gets the specific fields by the field type.
Fields(string)Gets the specific field by the field name.
RefreshData()Refreshes pivottable’s data and setting from it’s data source.

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