Class GridRow

GridRow class

Encapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.

public class GridRow


FirstCell { get; }Gets the first cell in the row.
Height { get; set; }Gets and sets the row height in unit of Points.
Hidden { get; set; }Indicates whether the row is hidden.
Index { get; }Gets the index of this row.
Item { get; }Gets the cell.
LastCell { get; }Gets the last cell in the row.
LastDataCell { get; }Gets the last cell in the row.
OutlineLevel { get; set; }Gets and sets the outline level.


GetCellByIndex(int)(Obsolete.) Get the cell by specific index in the list.
GetEnumerator()Gets the cells enumerator
IsBlank()Indicates whether the row contains any data

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