GridRow class

Encapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.

public class GridRow


Name Description
FirstCell { get; } Gets the first cell in the row.
Height { get; set; } Gets and sets the row height in unit of Points.
Hidden { get; set; } Indicates whether the row is hidden.
Index { get; } Gets the index of this row.
Item { get; } Gets the cell.
LastCell { get; } Gets the last cell in the row.
LastDataCell { get; } Gets the last cell in the row.
OutlineLevel { get; set; } Gets and sets the outline level.


Name Description
GetCellByIndex(int) (Obsolete.) Get the cell by specific index in the list.
GetEnumerator() Gets the cells enumerator
IsBlank() Indicates whether the row contains any data

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