GridShape class

Represents a shape object.

public class GridShape


Name Description
Buffer { get; } Gets the Buffer of object.
ID { get; set; }
ImageFormat { get; } Gets the image format of the picture.
Left { get; } Represents the horizontal offset of shape from its left column, in unit of pixels.
MsoDrawingType { get; } Gets and sets mso drawing type.
Name { get; } Gets and sets the name of the shape.
Text { get; set; } Represents the string in this TextBox object.
Top { get; } Represents the vertical offset of shape from its top row, in unit of pixels.
UpperLeftColumn { get; } Represents upper left corner column index.
UpperLeftRow { get; } Represents upper left corner row index.
ZOrderPosition { get; set; } Returns the position of a shape in the z-order.


Name Description
SaveToImage(Stream) Creates the image and saves it to a stream in the specified png format.

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