Class GridWorksheetCollection

GridWorksheetCollection class

Encapsulates a collection of GridWorksheet objects.

public class GridWorksheetCollection : CollectionBase, ISerializable


ActiveSheetIndex { get; set; }
Count { get; }
DefaultFontName { get; set; }Gets or sets the control’s default font name.
DefaultFontSize { get; set; }?????????
IsSynchronized { get; }Gets a value indicating if access to the ICollection is synchronized (thread-safe).
Item { get; }Gets the GridWorksheet element at the specified index. (2 indexers)
Names { get; }Gets the collection of all the Name objects in the spreadsheet.
NumberDecimalSeparator { get; set; }Gets or sets the decimal separator for formatting/parsing numeric values. Default is the decimal separator of current Region.
SyncRoot { get; }Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the ICollection.


Add()Adds a worksheet to the collection.
Add(object)Adds a sheet object.
Add(string)Adds a worksheet to the collection.
AddCopy(int)Adds a worksheet to the collection and copies data from an existed worksheet.
AddCopy(string)Adds a worksheet to the collection and copies data from an existed worksheet.
CalculateFormula()Calculates the result of formulas.
Clear()Clear all worksheets.
CopyTo(Array, int)Copys contents to an array.
GetEnumerator()Gets the rows enumerator
ImportDataView(DataView, TableItemStyle, TableItemStyle)Imports from a DataView. Creates a sheet with the DataView’s table name automatically.
ImportDataView(DataView, TableItemStyle, TableItemStyle, string, int, int)Imports from a DataView to the specified sheet and position.
Insert(int, string)Insert a worksheet.
RemoveAt(int)Removes the element at a specified index.
RemoveAt(string)Removes the element at a specified name.
SetVisible(string, bool)Sets the visible options.
SwapSheet(int, int)Swaps the two sheets.

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