Class WebWorksheets

WebWorksheets class

[Obsolete("This class is obsolete; use  GridWorksheetCollection instead")]
public class WebWorksheets : ICollection, ISerializable


WebWorksheets(MainWeb, GridWorksheetCollection)


ActiveSheet { get; }
ActiveSheetIndex { get; set; }
Count { get; }
DefaultFontName { get; set; }
DefaultFontSize { get; set; }
IsFixedSize { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the collection has a fixed size.
IsReadOnly { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the IList is read-only.
IsSynchronized { get; }Gets a value indicating if access to the ICollection is synchronized (thread-safe).
Item { get; }Gets the Worksheet element at the specified index. (2 indexers)
PivotCaches { get; }Gets the PivotCache collection object
PivotTables { get; }Gets the pivotTable collection object.
SyncRoot { get; }Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the ICollection.


Add()Adds a worksheet to the collection.
Add(object)Adds a sheet object.
Add(string)Adds a worksheet to the collection.
AddCopy(int)Adds a worksheet to the collection and copies data from an existed worksheet.
AddCopy(string)Adds a worksheet to the collection and copys data from an existed worksheet.
AddCopy(WebWorksheet)Adds a worksheet to the collection and copys data from an existed worksheet.
Clear()Clear all worksheets.
Contains(object)Indicates whether the collection contains the sheet.
CopyTo(Array, int)Copys contents to an array.
ImportDataView(DataView, TableItemStyle, TableItemStyle)Imports from a DataView. Creates a sheet with the DataView’s table name automatically.
ImportDataView(DataView, TableItemStyle, TableItemStyle, string, int, int)Imports from a DataView to the specified sheet and position.
ImportExcelFile(Stream)Imports from an excel file stream, including disk file stream or memory stream.
ImportExcelFile(string)Imports from an excel file.
IndexOf(object)Gets the index of the sheet.
Insert(int, string)Inserts a sheet to the index.
LoadCSVFile(Stream)Loads data from a CSV file stream.
LoadCSVFile(string)Loads data from a CSV file.
LoadHTMLFile(Stream)Loads data from a HTML file stream.
LoadHTMLFile(string)Loads data from a HTML file.
LoadSpreadSheetMLFile(Stream)Loads data from a SpreadSheetML file stream.
LoadSpreadSheetMLFile(string)Loads data from a SpreadSheetML file.
Remove(object)Removes a sheet.
RemoveAt(int)Removes a sheet at the index.
RemoveAt(string)Removes the element at a specified name.
RunAllFormulas()Runs all the cells’s formula.
SaveCSVFile(Stream)Saves data to a CSV file stream.
SaveCSVFile(string)Saves data to a CSV file.
SaveHTMLFile(Stream)Saves data to a HTML file stream.
SaveHTMLFile(string)Saves data to a HTML file.
SaveSpreadSheetMLFile(Stream)Saves data to a SpreadSheetML file stream.
SaveSpreadSheetMLFile(string)Saves data to a SpreadSheetML file.
SaveToExcelFile(Stream)Saves the worksheets to a excel file stream, including disk IO stream or memory stream.
SaveToExcelFile(string)Saves the worksheets to an excel file with Excel 2003 format.
SaveToExcelFile(Stream, GridSaveFormat)Saves the worksheets to an excel file.
SaveToExcelFile(string, GridSaveFormat)Saves the worksheets to an excel file.


NOTE: This class is now obsolete. please use GridWorksheetCollection Instead. This class will be removed after 6 months since Aug. 2014. Aspose apologizes for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

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