BindColumnCollection class


public class BindColumnCollection : IList


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets the count of the collection.
IsFixedSize { get; } Always true.
IsReadOnly { get; } Alway true.
IsSynchronized { get; } Internal used only.
Item { get; } Gets the bind column by an integer index or a data field name.
SyncRoot { get; } Internal used only.


Name Description
Add(object) Adds the specified bind column object to the collection.
Clear() Clears the colleciton.
Contains(object) Indicates whether the bind column is in the collection.
CopyTo(Array, int) Copies to an array.
GetEnumerator() Gets a enumerator.
IndexOf(object) Gets the index of the specified bind column object.
Insert(int, object) Inserts an bind column object.
Remove(object) Remove an bind column object.
RemoveAt(int) Removes at the specified index.

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