CustomCommandButton class

Represents a custom command button in the tab bar of the GridWeb control.

public class CustomCommandButton : Control, ISerializable


Name Description
CustomCommandButton() Default constructor.


Name Description
ClientClickEvent { get; set; } Gets or sets the click event handler at client side.
Command { get; set; } Gets or sets the command name.
CommandType { get; set; } Gets or sets the rendering type of the command. The type can be command button or context menu item.
DiscardInput { get; set; } Indicates whether to discard user input at client browser when user click this button. Could be used as an “undo” action.
ImageUrl { get; set; } Gets or sets the command button’s image url. If sets to null or empty string, the button will only display it’s text.
Text { get; set; } Gets or sets the alternative text of the command button.
ToolTip { get; set; } Gets or sets the tooltip of the command button.
Width { get; set; } Width of the button.


Name Description
GetObjectData(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext) Internal used only.


CustomCommandButton button = new CustomCommandButton();
button.Command = "MyCommand";
button.ImageUrl = "images/button1.gif";
Dim button As CustomCommandButton =  New CustomCommandButton()
button.Command = "MyCommand"
button.ImageUrl = "images/button1.gif"

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