CustomCommandButtonCollection class

Represents the collection of CustomCommandButton.

public class CustomCommandButtonCollection : IList


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets the count of the collection.
IsFixedSize { get; } Internal used only.
IsReadOnly { get; } Internal used only.
IsSynchronized { get; } Internal used only.
Item { get; set; } Gets a custom command button object at the index.
SyncRoot { get; } Internal used only.


Name Description
Add(object) Add a custom command button object to the collection.
Clear() Clears the collection.
Contains(object) Indicates whether the custom command button object is in the collection.
CopyTo(Array, int) Copies the collection to an array.
GetEnumerator() Gets a IEnumerator object of the collection.
IndexOf(object) Gets the index of the button.
Insert(int, object) Inserts a button at the index.
Remove(object) Removes the custom command button object.
RemoveAt(int) Removes at the index.


CustomCommandButton button = new CustomCommandButton();
button.Command = "MyCommand";
button.ImageUrl = "images/button1.gif";
Dim button As CustomCommandButton =  New CustomCommandButton()
button.Command = "MyCommand"
button.ImageUrl = "images/button1.gif"

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