PdfSecurityOptions class

Settings of pdf when converting excel to pdf, PDF/A does not allow security setting.

public class PdfSecurityOptions


Name Description
PdfSecurityOptions() The constructor of PdfSecurityOptions


Name Description
AccessibilityExtractContent { get; set; } Permission to copy or extract content (in support of accessibility to disabled users or for other purposes).
AnnotationsPermission { get; set; } Permission to comment on the document.
AssembleDocumentPermission { get; set; } Permission to insert, rotate, or delete pages and create bookmarks or thumbnail images even if ModifyDocumentPermission is not set.
ExtractContentPermission { get; set; } Permission to copy or extract content.
ExtractContentPermissionObsolete { get; set; } Permission to copy or extract content Obsoleted according to PDF reference.
FillFormsPermission { get; set; } Permission to fill the form fields.
FullQualityPrintPermission { get; set; } Permission to print in high quality.
ModifyDocumentPermission { get; set; } Permission to modify pdf document
OwnerPassword { get; set; } Gets or sets the owner password of the document
PrintPermission { get; set; } Permission to print pdf document
UserPassword { get; set; } Gets or sets the user password

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