Class RenderingWatermark

RenderingWatermark class

Watermark for rendering.

public class RenderingWatermark


RenderingWatermark(byte[])Creates instance of image watermark.
RenderingWatermark(string, RenderingFont)Creates instance of text watermark.


Font { get; }Gets font of the watermark.
HAlignment { get; set; }Gets or sets horizontal alignment of the watermark to the page.
Image { get; }Gets image of the watermark.
IsBackground { get; set; }Indicates whether the watermark is placed behind page contents.
OffsetX { get; set; }Gets or sets offset value to HAlignment
OffsetY { get; set; }Gets or sets offset value to VAlignment
Opacity { get; set; }Gets or sets opacity of the watermark in range [0, 1].
Rotation { get; set; }Gets or sets roation of the watermark in degrees.
ScaleToPagePercent { get; set; }Gets or sets scale relative to target page in percent.
Text { get; }Gets text of the watermark.
VAlignment { get; set; }Gets or sets vertical alignment of the watermark to the page.

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