Class WorkbookRender

WorkbookRender class

Represents a Workbook render. The constructor of this class , must be used after modification of pagesetup, cell style.

public class WorkbookRender


WorkbookRender(Workbook, ImageOrPrintOptions)The construct of WorkbookRender


PageCount { get; }Gets the total page count of workbook.


CustomPrint(bool, PrintPageEventArgs)Client can control page setting of printer when print each page using this function.
Dispose()Releases resources created and used for rendering.
GetPageSizeInch(int)Get page size in inch of output image.
ToImage(int)Render certain page to a Bitmap object.
ToImage(Stream)Render whole workbook as Tiff Image to stream.
ToImage(string)Render whole workbook as Tiff Image to a file.
ToImage(int, Stream)Render certain page to a stream.
ToImage(int, string)Render certain page to a file.
ToPrinter(PrinterSettings)Render workbook to Printer
ToPrinter(string)Render workbook to Printer
ToPrinter(PrinterSettings, string)Render workbook to Printer
ToPrinter(string, string)Render workbook to Printer
ToPrinter(string, int, int)(Obsolete.) Render workbook to Printer

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