RevisionCellChange class

Represents the revision that changing cells.

public class RevisionCellChange : Revision


Name Description
CellName { get; } Gets the name of the cell.
Column { get; } Gets the column index of the cell.
Id { get; } Gets the number of this revision.(Inherited from Revision.)
IsNewFormatted { get; } Indicates whether this cell is new formatted.
IsOldFormatted { get; } Indicates whether this cell is old formatted.
NewFormula { get; } Gets the old formula.
NewStyle { get; } Gets the new style of the cell.
NewValue { get; } Gets new value of the cell.
OldFormula { get; } Gets the old formula.
OldStyle { get; } Gets the old style of the cell.
OldValue { get; } Gets old value of the cell.
Row { get; } Gets the row index of the cell.
override Type { get; } Represents the type of revision.
Worksheet { get; } Gets the worksheet.(Inherited from Revision.)

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