SlicerStyleType enumeration

Specify the style of slicer view

public enum SlicerStyleType


Name Value Description
SlicerStyleLight1 0 built-in light style one
SlicerStyleLight2 1 built-in light style two
SlicerStyleLight3 2 built-in light style three
SlicerStyleLight4 3 built-in light style four
SlicerStyleLight5 4 built-in light style five
SlicerStyleLight6 5 built-in light style six
SlicerStyleOther1 6 built-in style other one
SlicerStyleOther2 7 built-in style other two
SlicerStyleDark1 8 built-in dark style one
SlicerStyleDark2 9 built-in dark style tow
SlicerStyleDark3 10 built-in dark style three
SlicerStyleDark4 11 built-in dark style four
SlicerStyleDark5 12 built-in dark style five
SlicerStyleDark6 13 built-in dark style six
Custom 14 user-defined style, unsupported for now

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