The Aspose.Cells.Tables namespace contains classes that represent tables, rows, cells and their formatting for Excel Spreadsheet files.


Class Description
ListColumn Represents a column in a list.
ListColumnCollection Represents A collection of all the ListColumn objects in the specified ListObject object.
ListObject Represents a list object on a worksheet. The ListObject object is a member of the ListObjects collection. The ListObjects collection contains all the list objects on a worksheet.
ListObjectCollection Represents a collection of ListObject objects in the worksheet.
TableStyle Represents the table style.
TableStyleCollection Represents all custom table styles.
TableStyleElement Represents the element of the table style.
TableStyleElementCollection Represents all elements of the table style.
TableToRangeOptions Represents the options when converting table to range.


Enumeration Description
TableDataSourceType Represents the table’s data source type.
TableStyleElementType Represents the Table or PivotTable style element type.
TableStyleType Represents the built-in table style type.
TotalsCalculation Determines the type of calculation in the Totals row of the list column.