The Aspose.Cells namespace provides fundamental and base classes for generating, converting, modifying, rendering and printing Spreadsheets without utilizing Microsoft Excel. For example, Workbook class is the main entry to create or load and then manipulate a spreadsheet file, Cells class is the main class to manipulate all data and properties in a sheet, …etc.


AboveAverageDescribe the AboveAverage conditional formatting rule. This conditional formatting rule highlights cells that are above or below the average for all values in the range.
AbstractCalculationEngineRepresents user’s custom calculation engine to extend the default calculation engine of Aspose.Cells.
AbstractCalculationMonitorMonitor for user to track the progress of formula calculation.
AbstractGlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings.
AbstractInterruptMonitorMonitor for interruption requests in all time-consuming operations.
AbstractTextLoadOptionsCommon options for loading text values
AdvancedFilterRepresents the settings of advanced filter.
AutoFilterRepresents autofiltering for the specified worksheet.
AutoFitterOptionsRepresents all auto fitter options.
BorderEncapsulates the object that represents the cell border.
BorderCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Border objects.
CalculationCellRepresents the calculation relevant data about one cell which is being calculated.
CalculationDataRepresents the required data when calculating one function, such as function name, parameters, …etc.
CalculationOptionsRepresents options for calculation.
CellEncapsulates the object that represents a single Workbook cell.
CellsEncapsulates a collection of cell relevant objects, such as Cell, Row, …etc.
CellsColorRepresents all types of color.
CellsDataTableFactoryUtility to build ICellsDataTable from custom objects for user’s convenience.
CellsExceptionThe exception that is thrown when Aspose.Cells specified error occurs.
CellsFactoryUtility for instantiating classes of Cells model.
CellsHelperProvides helper functions.
CellValueRepresents the cell value and corresponding type.
CellWatchRepresents Cell Watch Item in the ‘watch window’.
CellWatchCollectionRepresents the collection of cells on this worksheet being watched in the ‘watch window’.
CollectionBase<T>Provides the abstract base class for a strongly typed collection.
ColorFilterRepresents filtering the range by color.
ColorScaleDescribe the ColorScale conditional formatting rule. This conditional formatting rule creates a gradated color scale on the cells.
ColumnRepresents a single column in a worksheet.
ColumnCollectionCollection of the Column objects that represent the individual column(setting)s in a worksheet. The Column object only represents the settings such as column width, styles, .etc. for the whole column, has nothing to do with the fact that there are non-empty cells(data) or not in corresponding column. And the “Count” of this collection only represents the count Column objects that have been instantiated in this collection, has nothing to do with the fact that there are non-empty cells(data) or not in the worksheet.
CommentEncapsulates the object that represents a cell comment.
CommentCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Comment objects.
ConditionalFormattingCollectionEncapsulates a collection of FormatCondition objects.
ConditionalFormattingIconRepresents the custom icon of conditional formatting rule.
ConditionalFormattingIconCollectionRepresents a collection of ConditionalFormattingIcon objects.
ConditionalFormattingResultRepresents the result of conditional formatting which applies to a cell.
ConditionalFormattingValueDescribes the values of the interpolation points in a gradient scale, dataBar or iconSet.
ConditionalFormattingValueCollectionDescribes a collection of CFValueObject. Use only for icon sets.
CopyOptionsRepresents the copy options.
CustomFilterRepresents the custom filter.
CustomFilterCollectionRepresents the custom filters.
CustomFunctionDefinitionDefinition of custom function for calculating with user’s custom engine.
CustomImplementationFactoryFactory to create some instances which may be re-implemented by user for special purpose.
DataBarDescribe the DataBar conditional formatting rule. This conditional formatting rule displays a gradated data bar in the range of cells.
DataBarBorderRepresents the border of the data bars specified by a conditional formatting rule.
DataSorterSummary description for DataSorter.
DataSorterKeyRepresents the key of the data sorter.
DataSorterKeyCollectionRepresents the key list of data sorter.
DateTimeGroupItemRepresents the datetime’s group setting.
DefaultStyleSettingsSettings for the default values of workbook’s style properties.
DeleteBlankOptionsRepresents the setting of deleting blank cells/rows/columns.
DeleteOptionsRepresents the setting of deleting rows/columns.
DifSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving dif file.
DocxSaveOptionsRepresents options of saving .docx file.
DxfCollectionRepresents the master differential formatting records.
DynamicFilterRepresents the dynamic filter.
EbookLoadOptionsRepresents options when importing an ebook file.
ErrorCheckOptionError check setting applied on certain ranges.
ErrorCheckOptionCollectionRepresents all error check option.
ExportObjectEventThe event triggered when exporting an object, such as Picture.
ExportTableOptionsRepresents all export table options.
ExternalLinkRepresents an external link in a workbook.
ExternalLinkCollectionRepresents external links collection in a workbook.
FileFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in the file system.
FileFormatInfoContains data returned by FileFormatUtil file format detection methods.
FileFormatUtilProvides utility methods for converting file format enums to strings or file extensions and back.
FilterColumnRepresents a filter for a single column. The Filter object is a member of the Filters collection
FilterColumnCollectionA collection of Filter objects that represents all the filters in an autofiltered range.
FindOptionsRepresents find options.
FolderFontSourceRepresents the folder that contains TrueType font files.
FontEncapsulates the font object used in a spreadsheet.
FontConfigsSpecifies font settings
FontSettingRepresents a range of characters within the cell text.
FontSourceBaseThis is an abstract base class for the classes that allow the user to specify various font sources
FormatConditionRepresents conditional formatting condition.
FormatConditionCollectionRepresents conditional formatting. The FormatConditions can contain up to three conditional formats.
FormulaParseOptionsRepresents options when parsing formula.
FormulaSettingsSettings of formulas and calculation.
GlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings.
HeaderFooterCommandRepresents the command of header/footer
HorizontalPageBreakEncapsulates the object that represents a horizontal page break.
HorizontalPageBreakCollectionEncapsulates a collection of HorizontalPageBreak objects.
HtmlLoadOptionsRepresents options when importing a html file.
HtmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving html file.
HtmlTableLoadOptionRepresents the option when import table from html.
HtmlTableLoadOptionCollectionRepresents the table options when importing html.
HyperlinkEncapsulates the object that represents a hyperlink.
HyperlinkCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Hyperlink objects.
IconFilterRepresents icon filter.
IconSetDescribe the IconSet conditional formatting rule. This conditional formatting rule applies icons to cells according to their values.
ImageSaveOptionsRepresents image save options. For advanced usage, please use WorkbookRender or SheetRender.
ImportTableOptionsRepresents the options of importing data into cells.
IndividualFontConfigsFont configs for each Workbook object.
InsertOptionsRepresents the options of inserting.
InterruptMonitorRepresents all operator about the interrupt.
JsonLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading json files
JsonSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving the workbook as a json file.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LoadFilterRepresents the filter that provides options for loading data when loading workbook from template.
LoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading the file.
MarkdownSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for markdown.
MemoryFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MultipleFilterCollectionRepresents the multiple filter collection.
NameRepresents a defined name for a range of cells.
NameCollectionRepresents a collection of all the Name objects in the spreadsheet.
NegativeBarFormatRepresents the color settings of the data bars for negative values that are defined by a data bar conditional formatting rule.
OdsLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading ods file.
OdsSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving ods file.
OoxmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving office open xml file.
OutlineRepresents an outline on a worksheet.
PageSetupEncapsulates the object that represents the page setup description. The PageSetup object contains all page setup options.
PaginatedSaveOptionsRepresents the options for pagination.
PaneCollectionRepresents all Pane objects shown in the specified window.
PasteOptionsRepresents the paste special options.
PdfSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving pdf file.
PptxSaveOptionsRepresents the pptx save options.
ProtectedRangeA specified range to be allowed to edit when the sheet protection is ON.
ProtectedRangeCollectionEncapsulates a collection of ProtectedRange objects.
ProtectionRepresents the various types of protection options available for a worksheet.
QueryTableRepresents QueryTable information.
QueryTableCollectionA collection of QueryTableCollection objects that represent QueryTable collection information.
RangeEncapsulates the object that represents a range of cells within a spreadsheet.
RangeCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Range objects.
ReferredAreaRepresents a referred area by the formula.
ReferredAreaCollectionRepresents all referred cells and areas.
ReplaceOptionsRepresent the replace options.
RowRepresents a single row in a worksheet.
RowCollectionCollects the Row objects that represent the individual rows in a worksheet.
SaveOptionsRepresents all save options
ScenarioRepresents an individual scenario.
ScenarioCollectionRepresents the list of scenarios.
ScenarioInputCellRepresents input cell for the scenario.
ScenarioInputCellCollectionRepresents the list of the scenario’s input cells.
SettableChartGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of PivotGlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
SettableGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of GlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
SettablePivotGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of PivotGlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
SpreadsheetML2003SaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving Excel 2003 spreadml file.
StreamProviderOptionsRepresents the stream options.
StyleRepresents display style of excel document,such as font,color,alignment,border,etc. The Style object contains all style attributes (font, number format, alignment, and so on) as properties.
StyleFlagRepresents flags which indicates applied formatting properties.
SubtotalSettingRepresents the setting of the subtotal .
SystemTimeInterruptMonitorSimple implementation of AbstractInterruptMonitor by checking and comparing current system time with user specified limit.
ThemeColorRepresents a theme color.
ThreadedCommentRepresents the threaded comment.
ThreadedCommentAuthorRepresents the person who creates the threaded comments;
ThreadedCommentAuthorCollectionRepresents all persons who .
ThreadedCommentCollectionRepresents the list of threaded comments.
ThreadInterruptMonitorSimple implementation of AbstractInterruptMonitor by starting another thread to require the interruption after sleeping user specified limit.
Top10Describe the Top10 conditional formatting rule. This conditional formatting rule highlights cells whose values fall in the top N or bottom N bracket, as specified.
Top10FilterRepresents the top 10 filter.
TwoColorGradientRepresents two color gradient.
TxtLoadOptionsRepresents the options for loading text file.
TxtSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for csv/tab delimited/other text format.
UnionRangeRepresents union range.
ValidationRepresents data validation.settings.
ValidationCollectionRepresents data validation collection.
VerticalPageBreakEncapsulates the object that represents a vertical page break.
VerticalPageBreakCollectionEncapsulates a collection of VerticalPageBreak objects.
WarningInfoWarning info
WorkbookRepresents a root object to create an Excel spreadsheet.
WorkbookDesignerEncapsulates the object that represents a designer spreadsheet.
WorkbookSettingsRepresents all settings of the workbook.
WorksheetEncapsulates the object that represents a single worksheet.
WorksheetCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Worksheet objects.
WriteProtectionSpecifies write protection settings for a workbook.
XlsbSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving xlsb file.
XlsSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for the Excel 97-2003 file format: xls and xlt.
XmlColumnPropertyRepresents Xml Data Binding information.
XmlDataBindingRepresents Xml Data Binding information.
XmlLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading xml.
XmlMapRepresents Xml map information.
XmlMapCollectionA collection of XmlMap objects that represent XmlMap information.
XmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving the workbook as an xml file.
XpsSaveOptionsRepresents the additional options when saving the file as the Xps.


CellAreaRepresent an area of cells.


ICellsDataTableRepresents data table.
ICustomParserAllows users to add their custom value parser for parsing string values to other proper cell value object.
IExportObjectListenerAllows users to manipulate objects while exporting.
IFilePathProviderRepresents the exported file path provider.
ISmartMarkerCallBackRepresents callback interface of processing smartmarker.
IStreamProviderRepresents the exported stream provider.
IWarningCallbackCallback interface of warning.
LightCellsDataHandlerRepresents cells data handler for reading large spreadsheet files in light weight mode.
LightCellsDataProviderRepresents Data provider for saving large spreadsheet files in light weight mode.


AccessCacheOptionsCache options for data access. Can be combined with | operator for multiple options together.
AutoFillTypeRepresents the auto fill type.
AutoFitMergedCellsTypeRepresents the type of auto fitting merged cells.
AutoFitWrappedTextTypeRepresents the type of auto fitting wrapped text.
BackgroundTypeEnumerates cell background pattern types.
BorderTypeEnumerates the border line and diagonal line types.
BuiltinStyleTypeRepresents all built-in style types.
CalcModeTypeRepresents the mode type of calculating formulas.
CalculationPrecisionStrategyEnumerates strategies for handling calculation precision. Because of the precision issue of IEEE 754 Floating-Point Arithmetic, some “seemingly simple” formulas may not be calculated as the expected result. Such as formula “=-0.45+0.43+0.02”, when calculating operands by ‘+’ operator directly, the result is not zero. For such kind of precision issue, some special strategies may give the expected result.
CellBorderTypeEnumerates a cell’s border type.
CellsUnitTypeSpecifies the unit of measurement.
CellValueFormatStrategySpecifies how to apply style for the value of the cell.
CellValueTypeSpecifies a cell value type.
ColorTypeRepresents all color type
ConsolidationFunctionRepresents consolidation function.
ContentDispositionThe content disposition type.
CopyFormatTypeRepresents type of copying format when inserting rows.
CountryCodeRepresents Excel country identifiers.
DataBarAxisPositionSpecifies the axis position for a range of cells with conditional formatting as data bars.
DataBarBorderTypeSpecifies the border type of a data bar.
DataBarFillTypeSpecifies how a data bar is filled with color.
DataBarNegativeColorTypeSpecifies whether to use the same border and fill color as positive data bars.
DateTimeGroupingTypeSpecifies how to group dateTime values.
DefaultEditLanguageRepresents the default edit language.
DirectoryTypeRepresents the directory type of the file name.
DisplayDrawingObjectsRepresents whether and how to show objects in the workbook.
DynamicFilterTypeDynamic filter type.
EmfRenderSettingSetting for rendering Emf metafile.
EncryptionTypeEncryption Type. Only used by excel2003. We will encrypt 2007/2010 workbook using SHA AES the same as Excel does, and this EncryptionType will be ignored.
ErrorCheckTypeRepresents all error check type.
ExceptionTypeRepresents custom exception type code.
ExternalLinkTypeRepresents the type of external link.
FileFormatTypeRepresents the file format types.
FilterOperatorTypeCustom Filter operator type.
FilterTypeThe filter type.
FontSchemeTypeRepresents the scheme type of the font.
FontSourceTypeSpecifies the type of a font source.
FontUnderlineTypeEnumerates the font underline types.
FormatConditionTypeConditional format rule type.
FormatConditionValueTypeCondition value type.
GridlineTypeEnumerates grid line Type.
HeaderFooterCommandTypeRepresents the command type of header and footer.
HtmlCrossTypeRepresents five types of html cross string.
HtmlExportDataOptionsRepresents the options for exporting html data.
HtmlHiddenColDisplayTypeRepresents two types of showing the hidden columns in html.
HtmlHiddenRowDisplayTypeRepresents two types of showing the hidden rows in html.
HtmlLinkTargetTypeRepresents the type of target attribute in HTML tag.
IconSetTypeIcon set type for conditional formatting. The threshold values for triggering the different icons within a set are configurable, and the icon order is reversible.
LoadDataFilterOptionsRepresents the options to filter data when loading workbook from template.
LoadFormatRepresents the load file format.
LookAtTypeRepresents look at type.
LookInTypeRepresents look in type.
MemorySettingMemory usage options.
MergeEmptyTdTypeRepresents the merge type for empty TD element when exporting file to html.
NameScopeTypeRepresents the scope type of defined names.
NumberCategoryTypeRepresents category type of cell’s number formatting.
OoxmlComplianceAllows to specify which OOXML specification will be used when saving in the Xlsx format.
OoxmlCompressionTypeThe Ooxml compression type
OperatorTypeRepresents the operator type of conditional format and data validation.
PageLayoutAlignmentTypeEnumerates page layout alignment types.
PageOrientationTypeRepresents print orientation constants.
PaneStateTypeRepresents state of the sheet’s pane.
PaperSizeTypeRepresents paper size constants.
ParameterTypeRepresents all parameters’ type or return value type of function.
PasteOperationTypeRepresents operation type when pasting range.
PasteTypeRepresents the paste special type.
PrintCommentsTypeRepresents the way comments are printed with the sheet.
PrintErrorsTypeRepresents print errors constants.
PrintingPageTypeIndicates which pages will not be printed.
PrintOrderTypeRepresent print order constants.
PrintSizeTypeRepresents the printed chart size.
ProtectionTypeRepresents workbook/worksheet protection type.
RenameStrategyStrategy option for duplicate names of columns.
ResourceLoadingTypeRepresents how to loading the linked resource.
SaveFormatRepresents the format in which the workbook is saved.
SheetTypeSpecifies the worksheet type.
ShiftTypeRepresent the shift options when deleting a range of cells.
SortOnTypeSorted value type.
SortOrderRepresents sort order for the data range.
StyleModifyFlagThe style modified flags.
TargetModeTypeRepresents the type of target mode.
TextAlignmentTypeEnumerates text alignment types.
TextCapsTypeThis type specifies the cap types of the text.
TextCrossTypeEnumerates displaying text type when the text width is larger than cell width.
TextDirectionTypeRepresents the direction of the text flow for this paragraph.
TextOrientationTypeEnumerates text orientation types.
TextStrikeTypeThis type specifies the strike type.
ThemeColorTypeEnumerates the theme color types.
TimePeriodTypeUsed in a FormatConditionType.TimePeriod conditional formatting rule. These are dynamic time periods, which change based on the date the conditional formatting is refreshed / applied.
TxtLoadStyleStrategySpecifies how to apply style for parsed values when converting string value to number or datetime.
TxtValueQuoteTypeSpecifies the type of using quotation marks for values in text format files.
UpdateLinksTypeRepresents how to update links to other workbooks when the workbook is opened.
ValidationAlertTypeRepresents the data validation alert style.
ValidationTypeRepresents data validation type.
ViewTypeRepresents the view type of the worksheet.
VisibilityTypeRepresents the states for sheet visibility.