CellsHelper.AddAddInFunction method

Add addin function.

[Obsolete("Use WorksheetCollection.RegisterAddInFunction() methods instead.")]
public static void AddAddInFunction(string function, int minCountOfParameters, 
    int maxCountOfParameters, ParameterType[] paramersType, ParameterType functionValueType)
Parameter Type Description
function String The function name.
minCountOfParameters Int32 Minimum number of parameters this function requires
maxCountOfParameters Int32 Maximum number of parameters this function allows.
paramersType ParameterType[] The excepted parameters type of the function
functionValueType ParameterType The function value type.


NOTE: This member is now obsolete. Instead, please use WorksheetCollection.RegisterAddInFunction() methods. This method will be removed 12 months later since January 2022. Aspose apologizes for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

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