Enum FileFormatType

FileFormatType enumeration

Represents the file format types.

public enum FileFormatType


Csv1Comma-Separated Values(CSV) text file.
Xlsx6Office Open XML SpreadsheetML file (macro-free).
Xlsm7Office Open XML SpreadsheetML Macro-Enabled file.
Xltx8Office Open XML SpreadsheetML Template (macro-free).
Xltm9Office Open XML SpreadsheetML Macro-Enabled Template.
Xlam10Office Open XML SpreadsheetML addinMacro-Enabled file.
Tsv11Tab-Separated Values(TSV) text file.
TabDelimited11Tab-Separated Values(TSV) text file, same with Tsv.
Html12HTML format.
MHtml17MHTML (Web archive) format.
Ods14Open Document Sheet(ODS) file.
Excel97To20035Excel97-2003 spreadsheet file.
SpreadsheetML15Excel 2003 XML Data file.
Xlsb16The Excel Binary File Format (.xlsb)
Unknown255Represents unrecognized format, cannot be loaded.
Pdf13PDF (Adobe Portable Document) format.
Xps20XPS (XML Paper Specification) format.
Tiff21Represents a TIFF file.
Svg28SVG file.
Excel9522Represents an Excel95 xls file.
Excel423Represents an Excel4.0 xls file.
Excel324Represents an Excel3.0 xls file.
Excel225Represents an Excel2.1 xls file.
Pptx26Represents a pptx file.
Docx27Represents a docx file.
Dif30Data Interchange Format.
Doc31Represents a doc file.
Ppt32Represents a ppt file.
MapiMessage33Represents a email file.
MsEquation34Represents the MS Equation 3.0 object.
Ole10Native35Represents the embedded native object.
Vsd36Represents MS Visio VSD binary format.
Vsdx37Represents MS Visio 2013 VSDX file format.
Docm38Represents a docm file.
Dotx39Represents a dotx file.
Dotm40Represents a dotm file.
Pptm41Represents a pptm file.
Potx42Represents a Potx file.
Potm43Represents a Potm file.
Ppsx44Represents a ppsx file.
Ppsm45Represents a ppsm file.
Ooxml46Represents office open xml file(such as xlsx, docx,pptx, etc).
Odt47Represents an ODT file.
Odp48Represents a ODP file.
Odf49Represents an ODF file.
Odg50Represents an ODG file.
Xml51Represents a simple xml file.
Xlt52Excel97-2003 spreadsheet template.
Ott53Represents an OTT file.
Bmp54Represents a BMP file.
Ots55Represents an ots file.
Numbers56Represents Numbers 9.0 file format by Apple Inc.
Numbers0956Represents Numbers 9.0 file format by Apple Inc.
Markdown57Represents markdown document.
GraphChart58Represents embedded graph chart.
Fods59Represents OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet (.fods) file format.
Sxc60Represents StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.sxc) file format.
Otp61Represents a OTP file.
Numbers3562Represents Numbers 3.5 file format since 2014 by Apple Inc
Emf258Windows Enhanced Metafile.
Wmf259Windows Metafile.
Png262Portable Network Graphics.
XHtml771Rrepesents XHtml file.
OneNote772Rrepesents One Note file.
MicrosoftCabinet773/// Rrepesents Microsoft Cabinet file. The file format is not supported Only for detecting file type.
GZip35615Rrepesents GZip file.

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