FormulaSettings class

Settings of formulas and calculation.

public class FormulaSettings


Name Description
CalculateOnOpen { get; set; } Indicates whether the application is required to perform a full calculation when the workbook is opened.
CalculateOnSave { get; set; } Indicates whether recalculate the workbook before saving the document, when in manual calculation mode.
CalculationId { get; set; } Specifies the version of the calculation engine used to calculate values in the workbook.
CalculationMode { get; set; } Gets or sets the mode for workbook calculation in ms excel.
EnableCalculationChain { get; set; } Whether enable calculation chain for formulas. Default is false.
EnableIterativeCalculation { get; set; } Indicates whether enable iterative calculation to resolve circular references.
ForceFullCalculation { get; set; } Indicates whether calculates all formulas every time when a calculation is triggered.
MaxChange { get; set; } The maximum change to resolve a circular reference.
MaxIteration { get; set; } The maximum iterations to resolve a circular reference.
PrecisionAsDisplayed { get; set; } Whether the precision of calculated result be set as they are displayed while calculating formulas

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