Enum IconSetType

IconSetType enumeration

Icon set type for conditional formatting. The threshold values for triggering the different icons within a set are configurable, and the icon order is reversible.

public enum IconSetType


Arrows303 arrows icon set.
ArrowsGray313 gray arrows icon set.
Flags323 flags icon set.
Signs333 signs icon set.
Symbols343 symbols icon set (circled).
Symbols3253 Symbols icon set (uncircled).
TrafficLights3163 traffic lights icon set (unrimmed).
TrafficLights3273 traffic lights icon set with thick black border.
Arrows484 arrows icon set.
ArrowsGray494 gray arrows icon set.
Rating4104 ratings icon set.
RedToBlack4114 ‘red to black’ icon set.
TrafficLights4124 traffic lights icon set.
Arrows5135 arrows icon set.
ArrowsGray5145 gray arrows icon set.
Quarters5155 quarters icon set.
Rating5165 rating icon set.
Stars3173 stars set
Boxes5185 boxes set
Triangles3193 triangles set
CustomSet21CustomSet. This element is read-only.
Smilies3223 smilies. Only for .ods.
ColorSmilies3233 color smilies. Only for .ods.

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