Class LoadFilter

LoadFilter class

Represents the filter that provides options for loading data when loading workbook from template.

public class LoadFilter


LoadFilter()Constructs one LoadFilter with default filter options LoadDataFilterOptions.All.
LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions)Constructs one LoadFilter with given filter options.


LoadDataFilterOptions { get; set; }The filter options to denote what data should be loaded.
virtual SheetsInLoadingOrder { get; }Specifies the sheets(indices) and order to be loaded. Default is null, that denotes to load all sheets in the default order in template file. If not null and some sheet’s index is not in the returned array, then the sheet will not be loaded.


virtual StartSheet(Worksheet)Prepares filter options before loading given worksheet. User’s implementation of LoadFilter can change the LoadDataFilterOptions here to denote how to load data for this worksheet.


User may specify the filter options or implement their own LoadFilter to specify how to load data.


The following example shows how to determine the filter options according to worksheet’s properties.

LoadOptions opts = new LoadOptions();
opts.LoadFilter = new LoadFilterSheet();
Workbook wb = new Workbook("template.xlsx", opts);
//Custom LoadFilter implementation
class LoadFilterSheet : LoadFilter
    public override void StartSheet(Worksheet sheet) 
        if (sheet.Name == "Sheet1")
            LoadDataFilterOptions = LoadDataFilterOptions.All;
            LoadDataFilterOptions = LoadDataFilterOptions.Structure;

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