PageSetup.SetHeader method

Sets a script formatting the header of an Excel file.

public void SetHeader(int section, string headerScript)
Parameter Type Description
section Int32 0: Left Section, 1: Center Section, 2: Right Section.
headerScript String Header format script.


Script commands:

Command Description
&P Current page number
&N Page count
&D Current date
&T Current time
&A Sheet name
&F File name without path
&"<FontName>" Font name, for example: &“Arial”
&"<FontName>, <FontStyle>" Font name and font style, for example: &“Arial,Bold”
&<FontSize> Font size. If this command is followed by a plain number to be printed in the header, it will be separated from the font height with a space character.
&K<RRGGBB> Font color, for example(RED): &KFF0000
&G Image script

For example: “&Arial,Bold&8Header Note”

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