TxtSaveOptions class

Represents the save options for csv/tab delimited/other text format.

public class TxtSaveOptions : SaveOptions


Name Description
TxtSaveOptions() Creates text file save options.
TxtSaveOptions(SaveFormat) Creates text file save options.


Name Description
AlwaysQuoted { get; set; } Indicates whether always adding ‘"’ for each field. If true then all values will be quoted; If false then values will only be quoted when needed(for example, when values contain special characters such as ‘"’ , ‘\n’ or separator character). Default is false.
CachedFileFolder { get; set; } The cached file folder is used to store some large data.
ClearData { get; set; } Make the workbook empty after saving the file.
CreateDirectory { get; set; } If true and the directory does not exist, the directory will be automatically created before saving the file.
EnableHTTPCompression { get; set; } Indicates if http compression is to be used in user’s IIS.
Encoding { get; set; } Gets and sets the default encoding.
ExportAllSheets { get; set; } Indicates whether exporting all sheets to the text file. If it is false, only export the activesheet, just like MS Excel.
ExportArea { get; set; } The range of cells to be exported.
ExportQuotePrefix { get; set; } Indicates whether the single quote sign should be exported as part of the value of one cell when QuotePrefix is true for it. Default is false.
FormatStrategy { get; set; } Gets and sets the format strategy when exporting the cell value as string.
KeepSeparatorsForBlankRow { get; set; } Indicates whether separators should be output for blank row. Default value is false so by default the content for blank row will be empty.
LightCellsDataProvider { get; set; } The Data provider to provide cells data for saving workbook in light mode.
MergeAreas { get; set; } Indicates whether merge the areas of conditional formatting and validation before saving the file.
PdfExportImagesFolder { get; set; } The physical folder where images will be saved when exporting a workbook to Aspose.Pdf XML format. Default is an empty string.
QuoteType { get; set; } Gets or sets how to quote values in the exported text file.
RefreshChartCache { get; set; } Indicates whether refreshing chart cache data
SaveFormat { get; } Gets the save file format.
Separator { get; set; } Gets and sets char Delimiter of text file.
SeparatorString { get; set; } Gets and sets a string value as separator.
SortExternalNames { get; set; } Indicates whether sorting external defined names before saving file.
SortNames { get; set; } Indicates whether sorting defined names before saving file.
TrimLeadingBlankRowAndColumn { get; set; } Indicates whether leading blank rows and columns should be trimmed like what ms excel does. Default is true.
TrimTailingBlankCells { get; set; } Indicates whether tailing blank cells in one row should be trimmed. Default is false.
UpdateSmartArt { get; set; } Indicates whether updating smart art setting. The default value is false.
ValidateMergedAreas { get; set; } Indicates whether validate merged cells before saving the file.
WarningCallback { get; set; } Gets or sets warning callback.

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