Class UnionRange

UnionRange class

Represents union range.

public class UnionRange


CellCount { get; }Gets all cell count in the range.
ColumnCount { get; }Gets the count of rows in the range.
FirstColumn { get; }Gets the index of the first column of the range.
FirstRow { get; }Gets the index of the first row of the range.
HasRange { get; }Indicates whether this has range.
Hyperlinks { get; }Gets all hyperlink in the range.
Name { get; set; }Gets or sets the name of the range.
RangeCount { get; }Gets the count of the ranges.
Ranges { get; }Gets all union ranges.
RefersTo { get; }Gets the range’s refers to.
RowCount { get; }Gets the count of rows in the range.
Value { get; set; }Gets and sets the values of the range.


ApplyStyle(Style, StyleFlag)Applies formats for a whole range.
Copy(UnionRange, PasteOptions)Copying the range with paste special options.
GetEnumerator()Gets the enumerator for cells in this Range.
Intersect(Range[])Intersects another range.
Intersect(string)Intersects another range.
Intersect(UnionRange)Intersects another range.
Merge()Combines a range of cells into a single cell.
PutValue(string, bool, bool)Puts a value into the range, if appropriate the value will be converted to other data type and cell’s number format will be reset.
SetOutlineBorders(CellBorderType, Color)Sets the outline borders around a range of cells with same border style and color.
SetOutlineBorders(CellBorderType[], Color[])Sets out line borders around a range of cells.
SetStyle(Style)Sets the style of the range.
Union(Range[])Union the ranges.
Union(string)Union another range.
Union(UnionRange)Union another range.
UnMerge()Unmerges merged cells of this range.

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