Workbook.UpdateLinkedDataSource method

If this workbook contains external links to other data source, Aspose.Cells will attempt to retrieve the latest data.

public void UpdateLinkedDataSource(Workbook[] externalWorkbooks)
Parameter Type Description
externalWorkbooks Workbook[] External workbooks are referenced by this workbook. If it’s null, we will directly open the external linked files.. If it’s not null, we will check whether the external link in the array first; if not, we will open the external linked files again.


If the method is not called before calculating formulas, Aspose.Cells will use the previous information(cached in the file); Please set CellsHelper.StartupPath,CellsHelper.AltStartPath,CellsHelper.LibraryPath. And please set Workbook.FilePath if this workbook is from a stream, otherwise Aspose.Cells could not get the external link full path sometimes.

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