Class OpenDocumentFormatVersionType

Utility class containing constants. Open Document Format version type.

Field Summary
const  NumberNONE
None strict.
const  NumberODF_11
ODF Version 1.1
const  NumberODF_12
ODF Version 1.2
const  NumberODF_13
ODF Version 1.3

    • Field Detail

      • NONE

        const Number NONE
        None strict. There are some difference between Excel and ODF. In order to keep the data of Excel file, we can not follow the strict of ODF.
      • ODF_11

        const Number ODF_11
        ODF Version 1.1
      • ODF_12

        const Number ODF_12
        ODF Version 1.2
      • ODF_13

        const Number ODF_13
        ODF Version 1.3