The Aspose.Cells.Drawing.Texts namespace provides classes that draw and format texts objects such paragraph, bullet and more.


AutoNumberedBulletValueRepresents automatic numbered bullet.
BulletRepresents the bullet points should be applied to a paragraph.
BulletValueRepresents the value of the bullet.
CharacterBulletValueRepresents the character bullet.
FontSettingCollectionRepresents the list of FontSetting.
NoneBulletValueRepresents no bullet.
PictureBulletValueRepresents the value of the image bullet.
ShapeTextAlignmentRepresents the setting of shape’s text alignment;
TextOptionsRepresents the text options.
TextParagraphRepresents the text paragraph setting.
TextParagraphCollectionRepresents all text paragraph.
TextTabStopRepresents tab stop.
TextTabStopCollectionRepresents the list of all tab stops.


BulletTypeRepresents the type of the bullet.
LineSpaceSizeTypeRepresents the unit type of line space size.
TextAutonumberSchemeRepresents all automatic number scheme.
TextFontAlignTypeRepresents the different types of font alignment.
TextNodeTypeRepresents the node type.
TextTabAlignmentTypeRepresents the text tab alignment types.
TextVerticalTypeRepresents the text direct type.