PivotGlobalizationSettings class

PivotGlobalizationSettings class

Represents the globalization settings for pivot tables.

The PivotGlobalizationSettings type exposes the following members:


initConstructs a new instance of PivotGlobalizationSettings


get_text_of_totalGets the text of “Total” label in the PivotTable.
You need to override this method when the PivotTable contains two or more PivotFields in the data area.
get_text_of_grand_totalGets the text of “Grand Total” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_multiple_itemsGets the text of “(Multiple Items)” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_allGets the text of “(All)” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_protectionGets the protection name in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_protected_nameGets the text for specified protected name.
get_text_of_column_labelsGets the text of “Column Labels” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_row_labelsGets the text of “Row Labels” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_empty_dataGets the text of “(blank)” label in the PivotTable.
get_text_of_data_field_headerGets the the text of the value area field header in the PivotTable.
get_short_text_of_12_monthsGets all short formatted string of 12 months.
get_text_of_4_quatersGets the local text of 4 Quaters.
get_text_of_yearsGets the local text of “Years”.
get_text_of_quartersGet the local text of “Quarters”.
get_text_of_monthsGets the local text of “Months”.
get_text_of_daysGets the local text of “Days”.
get_text_of_hoursGets the local text of “Hours”.
get_text_of_minutesGets the local text of “Minutes”.
get_text_of_secondsGets the local text of “Seconds”
get_text_of_rangeGets the local text of “Range”
get_text_of_sub_totalGets the text of PivotFieldSubtotalType type in the PivotTable.

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