The Aspose.Cells.WebExtensions namespace contains classes to access Office Add-in in Excel Files.


WebExtensionRepresents an Office Add-in instance.
WebExtensionBindingRepresents a binding relationship between an Office Add-in and the data in the document.
WebExtensionBindingCollectionRepresents the list of binding relationships between an Office Add-in and the data in the document.
WebExtensionCollectionRepresents the list of web extension.
WebExtensionPropertyRepresents an Office Add-in custom property.
WebExtensionPropertyCollectionRepresents the list of web extension properties.
WebExtensionReferenceRepresents identify the provider location and version of the extension.
WebExtensionReferenceCollectionRepresents the list of web extension reference.
WebExtensionTaskPaneRepresents a persisted taskpane object.
WebExtensionTaskPaneCollectionRepresents the list of task pane.


WebExtensionStoreTypeRepresents the store type of web extension.