PdfSaveOptions class

PdfSaveOptions class

Represents the options for saving pdf file.

Inheritance: PdfSaveOptionsPaginatedSaveOptionsSaveOptions

The PdfSaveOptions type exposes the following members:


initCreates the options for saving pdf file.


save_formatGets the save file format.
clear_dataMake the workbook empty after saving the file.
cached_file_folderThe cached file folder is used to store some large data.
validate_merged_areasIndicates whether validate merged cells before saving the file.
merge_areasIndicates whether merge the areas of conditional formatting and validation before saving the file.
create_directoryIf true and the directory does not exist, the directory will be automatically created before saving the file.
sort_namesIndicates whether sorting defined names before saving file.
sort_external_namesIndicates whether sorting external defined names before saving file.
refresh_chart_cacheIndicates whether refreshing chart cache data
warning_callbackGets or sets warning callback.
update_smart_artIndicates whether updating smart art setting.
The default value is false.
default_fontWhen characters in the Excel are Unicode and not be set with correct font in cell style,
They may appear as block in pdf,image.
Set the DefaultFont such as MingLiu or MS Gothic to show these characters.
If this property is not set, Aspose.Cells will use system default font to show these unicode characters.
check_workbook_default_fontWhen characters in the Excel are Unicode and not be set with correct font in cell style,
They may appear as block in pdf,image.
Set this to true to try to use workbook’s default font to show these characters first.
check_font_compatibilityIndicates whether to check font compatibility for every character in text.
is_font_substitution_char_granularityIndicates whether to only substitute the font of character when the cell font is not compatibility for it.
one_page_per_sheetIf OnePagePerSheet is true , all content of one sheet will output to only one page in result.
The paper size of pagesetup will be invalid, and the other settings of pagesetup
will still take effect.
all_columns_in_one_page_per_sheetIf AllColumnsInOnePagePerSheet is true , all column content of one sheet will output to only one page in result.
The width of paper size of pagesetup will be ignored, and the other settings of pagesetup
will still take effect.
ignore_errorIndicates if you need to hide the error while rendering.
The error can be error in shape, image, chart rendering, etc.
output_blank_page_when_nothing_to_printIndicates whether to output a blank page when there is nothing to print.
page_indexGets or sets the 0-based index of the first page to save.
page_countGets or sets the number of pages to save.
printing_page_typeIndicates which pages will not be printed.
gridline_typeGets or sets gridline type.
text_cross_typeGets or sets displaying text type when the text width is larger than cell width.
default_edit_languageGets or sets default edit language.
sheet_setGets or sets the sheets to render. Default is all visible sheets in the workbook: SheetSet.visible.
draw_object_event_handlerImplements this interface to get DrawObject and Bound when rendering.
page_saving_callbackControl/Indicate progress of page saving process.
emf_render_settingSetting for rendering Emf metafile.
embed_standard_windows_fontsTrue to embed true type fonts.
Affects only ASCII characters 32-127.
Fonts for character codes greater than 127 are always embedded.
Fonts are always embedded for PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b standard.
Default is true.
bookmarkGets and sets the PdfBookmarkEntry object.
complianceGets or sets the PDF standards compliance level for output documents.
security_optionsSet this options, when security is need in xls2pdf result.
image_typeRepresents the image type when converting the chart and shape .
calculate_formulaIndicates whether to calculate formulas before saving pdf file.
pdf_compressionIndicate the compression algorithm
created_timeGets and sets the time of generating the pdf document.
producerGets and sets producer of generated pdf document.
optimization_typeGets and sets pdf optimization type.
custom_properties_exportGets or sets a value determining the way CustomDocumentPropertyCollection are exported to PDF file. Default value is None.
export_document_structureIndicates whether to export document structure.
display_doc_titleIndicates whether the window’s title bar should display the document title.
font_encodingGets or sets embedded font encoding in pdf.
watermarkGets or sets watermark to output.
embed_attachmentsIndicates whether to embed attachment for Ole objects in Excel.


set_image_resampleSets desired PPI(pixels per inch) of resample images and jpeg quality.
All images will be converted to JPEG with the specified quality setting,
and images that are greater than the specified PPI (pixels per inch) will be resampled.

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