ControlMousePointerType enumeration

Represents the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.

public enum ControlMousePointerType


Name Value Description
Default 0 Standard pointer.
Arrow 1 Arrow.
Cross 2 Cross-hair pointer.
IBeam 3 I-beam.
SizeNESW 6 Double arrow pointing northeast and southwest.
SizeNS 7 Double arrow pointing north and south.
SizeNWSE 8 Double arrow pointing northwest and southeast.
SizeWE 9 Double arrow pointing west and east.
UpArrow 10 Up arrow.
HourGlass 11 Hourglass.
NoDrop 12 “Not” symbol (circle with a diagonal line) on top of the object being dragged.
AppStarting 13 Arrow with an hourglass.
Help 14 Arrow with a question mark.
SizeAll 15 “Size-all” cursor (arrows pointing north, south, east, and west).
Custom 99 Uses the icon specified by the MouseIcon property.

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