InputMethodEditorMode enumeration

Represents the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor.

public enum InputMethodEditorMode


Name Value Description
NoControl 0 Does not control IME.
On 1 IME on.
Off 2 IME off. English mode.
Disable 3 IME off.User can’t turn on IME by keyboard.
Hiragana 4 IME on with Full-width hiragana mode.
Katakana 5 IME on with Full-width katakana mode.
KatakanaHalf 6 IME on with Half-width katakana mode.
AlphaFull 7 IME on with Full-width Alphanumeric mode.
Alpha 8 IME on with Half-width Alphanumeric mode.
HangulFull 9 IME on with Full-width hangul mode.
Hangul 10 IME on with Half-width hangul mode.
HanziFull 11 IME on with Full-width hanzi mode.
Hanzi 12 IME on with Half-width hanzi mode.

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