Class UnknownControl

UnknownControl class

Unknow control.

public class UnknownControl : ActiveXControl


BackOleColor { get; set; }Gets and sets the ole color of the background.
override Data { get; }Gets and sets the binary data of the control.
virtual ForeOleColor { get; set; }Gets and sets the ole color of the foreground.
virtual Height { get; set; }Gets and sets the height of the control in unit of points.
IMEMode { get; set; }Gets and sets the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor for the control as it receives focus.
virtual IsAutoSize { get; set; }Indicates whether the control will automatically resize to display its entire contents.
IsEnabled { get; set; }Indicates whether the control can receive the focus and respond to user-generated events.
IsLocked { get; set; }Indicates whether data in the control is locked for editing.
IsTransparent { get; set; }Indicates whether the control is transparent.
MouseIcon { get; set; }Gets and sets a custom icon to display as the mouse pointer for the control.
MousePointer { get; set; }Gets and sets the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.
PersistenceType { get; }Gets the persistence method to persist an ActiveX control.
override Type { get; }Gets the type of the ActiveX control.
virtual Width { get; set; }Gets and sets the width of the control in unit of point.


GetRelationshipData(string)Gets the relationship data.

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