Class Page

Page class

Contains elements that define a page in the document.

public class Page : IDisposable




AssociatedPage { get; set; }The ID of the original drawing page that was marked up on separate markup overlays by reviewers of the drawing.
Background { get; set; }A flag indicating if the page is a background page.
BackPage { get; set; }The page’s background page.
Connects { get; }Contains a Connect element for each connection between two shapes in a drawing.
ID { get; set; }The unique ID of the element within its parent element.
Name { get; set; }The name of the element.
NameU { get; set; }The universal name of the element.
Pages { get; set; }Page collection.
PageSheet { get; }Contains elements that define the page sheet for a Page or Master element.
PresetTheme { set; }Apply a preset theme to this page
PresetThemeQuickStyle { set; }Apply a preset theme variant quickstyle to this page
PresetThemeVariant { set; }Apply a preset theme variant to this page
ReviewerID { get; set; }The ID of the reviewer associated with the markup overlay.
Shapes { get; }Shape collection.
ViewCenterX { get; set; }ViewCenterX and ViewCenterY specify a center point on a page that a new view (window) assumes when it is opened initially.
ViewCenterY { get; set; }ViewCenterX and ViewCenterY specify a center point on a page that a new view (window) assumes when it is opened initially.
ViewScale { get; set; }The default magnification factor to use when a new view (window) of the page is opened. For example, 1 = 100%; 1.5 = 150%, and so on.


AddActiveXControl(ControlType, double, double, double, double)Creates an Activex Control.
AddComment(long, string)Adds comment to a shape with shape’s id.
AddComment(Shape, string)Adds comment to a shape.
AddComment(double, double, string)Adds comment with defined PinX and PinY.
AddShape(Shape, string)Adds shape created by master to specific page.
AddShape(double, double, string)Adds shape created by master on page with defined PinX and PinY.
AddShape(double, double, double, double, Stream)
AddShape(double, double, double, double, string)Adds shape created by master on page with defined PinX,PinY,Width and Height.
AddShape(double, double, double, double, Stream, Stream)
AddText(double, double, double, double, string)Adds Text with defined PinX and PinY.
AddText(double, double, double, double, string, string, string, double)Adds Text with defined PinX and PinY.
ApplyStyle(int, int, int)Applies style for full page.
AutoSpaceShapes(ShapeCollection, AutoSpaceOptions)Auto space shapes
BringForward(long)Brings a shape,defined by ID, forward one position in the z-order.
BringToFront(long)Brings a shape,defined by ID, to the front of the z-order.
CenterDrawing()Centers a page’s shapes with respect to the extent of the page. Centering shapes does not change their position relative to each other.
ConnectShapesViaConnector(long, ConnectionPointPlace, long, ConnectionPointPlace, long)Connect shapes via connector.
ConnectShapesViaConnector(long, string, long, string, long)Connect shapes via connector.
ConnectShapesViaConnector(Shape, ConnectionPointPlace, Shape, ConnectionPointPlace, Shape)Connect shapes via connector.
ConnectShapesViaConnectorIndex(long, int, long, int, long)Connect shapes via connector index.
ConnectShapesViaConnectorIndex(Shape, int, Shape, int, Shape)Connect shapes via connector index.
Dispose()Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
DrawBezier(double, double, double, double, PointF[])The process of drawing bezier. The length of points should be equal or greater than 3.
DrawEllipse(double, double, double, double)The process of drawing Ellipse.
DrawLine(double, double, double, double)The process of drawing a single line.
DrawLine(double, double, double, double, double[])The process of drawing line.
DrawLine(double, double, double, double, PointF[])The process of drawing line.
DrawPolyline(double, double, double, double, double[])The process of drawing Polyline.
DrawPolyline(double, double, double, double, PointF[])The process of drawing polyline.
DrawRectangle(double, double, double, double)The process of drawing rectangle.
DrawSpline(double, double, double, double, PointF[])The process of drawing spline.
GlueShapes(long, ConnectionPointPlace, long)Glue shapes
GlueShapes(Shape, ConnectionPointPlace, Shape)Glue shapes.
GlueShapesInContainer(long, int, int, long)Glue shapes in container
GlueShapesInContainer(long, string, string, long)Glue shapes in container using connection name
GlueShapesInContainerByID(long, int, int, long)Glue shapes by connection id in container
GlueShapeToConnectorBeginX(long, string, long)Glue shape to Connector’s BeginX
GlueShapeToConnectorEndX(long, string, long)Glue shape to Connector’s EndX
Layout(LayoutOptions)Lays out the shapes and/or reroutes the connectors for the page.
MoveTo(int)Moves the page to another location in the pages.
SendBackward(long)Moves a shape,defined by ID, back one position in the z-order.
SendToBack(long)Moves a shape,defined by ID, to the back of the z-order.

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