Class TimeLineHelper

TimeLineHelper class

TimeLineHelper to set property of timeline shape.

public class TimeLineHelper




ArrowHead { set; }ArrowHead of timeline shape
BeginWeek { set; }Begin week of timeline shape
DateFormatForBE { set; }DateFormat for start and finish of timeline shape
DateFormatForIntm { set; }DateFormat for Intm of timeline shape
DateFormatStringForBE { set; }DateFormat String for start and finish of timeline shape
DateFormatStringForIntm { set; }DateFormat String for Intm of timeline shape
FiscalStart { set; }First day of fiscal year
IsAutoUpdate { set; }whether to update data for markers (milestones, intervals) as they are moved on timeline
IsDisplayBE { set; }whether to display Begin and End dates on timeline
IsDisplayIntm { set; }whether to display interim date/time ticks on timeline
IsDisplayIntmDates { set; }whether to display interim dates on interim ticks
TimeLineType { set; }Begin week of timeline shape
TimePeriodFinish { get; set; }Time Period for finish of timeline shape
TimePeriodStart { get; set; }Time Period for start of timeline shape
TimeScale { get; set; }scale of timeline shape


RefreshTimeLine()Refresh time of timeline shapes
static GetDoubleStringFromDateTime(DateTime)Convert the date time to double value.
static GetWeekEnd(DateTime, int)getweekstart

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