BitmapDataSpecifies the attributes of a bitmap image. The BitmapData class is used by the LockBits and UnlockBits methods of the Bitmap class. Not inheritable.
ColorMapDefines a map for converting colors. Several methods of the ImageAttributes class adjust image colors by using a color-remap table, which is an array of ColorMap structures. Not inheritable.
ColorMatrixDefines a 5 x 5 matrix that contains the coordinates for the RGBA space. Several methods of the ImageAttributes class adjust image colors by using a color matrix. This class cannot be inherited.
ColorPaletteDefines an array of colors that make up a color palette. The colors are 32-bit ARGB colors. Not inheritable.
EncoderAn Encoder object encapsulates a globally unique identifier (GUID) that identifies the category of an image encoder parameter.
EncoderParameterUsed to pass a value, or an array of values, to an image encoder.
EncoderParametersEncapsulates an array of EncoderParameter objects.
FrameDimensionProvides properties that get the frame dimensions of an image. Not inheritable.
ImageAttributesContains information about how bitmap and metafile colors are manipulated during rendering.
ImageCodecInfoThe ImageCodecInfo class provides the necessary storage members and methods to retrieve all pertinent information about the installed image encoders and decoders (called codecs). Not inheritable.
ImageFormatSpecifies the file format of the image. Not inheritable.
MetafileDefines a graphic metafile. A metafile contains records that describe a sequence of graphics operations that can be recorded (constructed) and played back (displayed). This class is not inheritable.
MetafileHeaderContains attributes of an associated Metafile. Not inheritable.
MetaHeaderContains information about a windows-format (WMF) metafile.
PlayRecordCallbackThis delegate is not used. For an example of enumerating the records of a metafile, see EnumerateMetafile.
PropertyItemEncapsulates a metadata property to be included in an image file. Not inheritable.
WmfPlaceableFileHeaderDefines a placeable metafile. Not inheritable.


ColorAdjustTypeSpecifies which GDI+ objects use color adjustment information.
ColorChannelFlagSpecifies individual channels in the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color space. This enumeration is used by the SetOutputChannel methods.
ColorMatrixFlagSpecifies the types of images and colors that will be affected by the color and grayscale adjustment settings of an ImageAttributes.
EmfPlusRecordTypeSpecifies the methods available for use with a metafile to read and write graphic commands.
EmfTypeSpecifies the nature of the records that are placed in an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) file. This enumeration is used by several constructors in the Metafile class.
EncoderValueUsed to specify the parameter value passed to a JPEG or TIFF image encoder when using the EncoderParameters) or EncoderParameters) methods.
ImageFlagsSpecifies the attributes of the pixel data contained in an Image object. The Flags property returns a member of this enumeration. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.
ImageLockModeSpecifies flags that are passed to the flags parameter of the LockBits method. The LockBits method locks a portion of an image so that you can read or write the pixel data.
MetafileFrameUnitSpecifies the unit of measurement for the rectangle used to size and position a metafile. This is specified during the creation of the Metafile object.
MetafileTypeSpecifies types of metafiles.
PixelFormatSpecifies the format of the color data for each pixel in the image.