Delegate Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc

Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc delegate

Provides a callback method for the EnumerateMetafile method.

public delegate bool EnumerateMetafileProc(EmfPlusRecordType recordType, int flags, int dataSize, 
    IntPtr data, PlayRecordCallback callbackData);
recordTypeEmfPlusRecordTypeMember of the EmfPlusRecordType enumeration that specifies the type of metafile record.
flagsInt32Set of flags that specify attributes of the record.
dataSizeInt32Number of bytes in the record data.
dataIntPtrPointer to a buffer that contains the record data.
callbackDataPlayRecordCallbackThe argument is not used.

Return Value

Return true if you want to continue enumerating records; otherwise, false.

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