Class Pens

Pens class

Pens for all the standard colors. This class cannot be inherited.

public sealed class Pens


static AliceBlue { get; }Gets the alice blue Pen.
static AntiqueWhite { get; }Gets the antique white Pen.
static Aqua { get; }Gets the aqua Pen.
static Aquamarine { get; }Gets the aquamarine Pen.
static Azure { get; }Gets the azure Pen.
static Beige { get; }Gets the beige Pen.
static Bisque { get; }Gets the bisque Pen.
static Black { get; }Gets the black Pen.
static BlanchedAlmond { get; }Gets the blanched almond Pen.
static Blue { get; }Gets the blue Pen.
static BlueViolet { get; }Gets the blue violet Pen.
static Brown { get; }Gets the brown Pen.
static BurlyWood { get; }Gets the burly wood Pen.
static CadetBlue { get; }Gets the cadet blue Pen.
static Chartreuse { get; }Gets the chartreuse Pen.
static Chocolate { get; }Gets the chocolate Pen.
static Coral { get; }Gets the coral Pen.
static CornflowerBlue { get; }Gets the cornflower blue Pen.
static Cornsilk { get; }Gets the cornsilk Pen.
static Crimson { get; }Gets the crimson Pen.
static Cyan { get; }Gets the cyan Pen.
static DarkBlue { get; }Gets the dark blue Pen.
static DarkCyan { get; }Gets the dark cyan Pen.
static DarkGoldenrod { get; }Gets the dark goldenrod Pen.
static DarkGray { get; }Gets the dark gray Pen.
static DarkGreen { get; }Gets the dark green Pen.
static DarkKhaki { get; }Gets the dark khaki Pen.
static DarkMagenta { get; }Gets the dark magenta Pen.
static DarkOliveGreen { get; }Gets the dark olive green Pen.
static DarkOrange { get; }Gets the dark orange Pen.
static DarkOrchid { get; }Gets the dark orchid Pen.
static DarkRed { get; }Gets the dark red Pen.
static DarkSalmon { get; }Gets the dark salmon Pen.
static DarkSeaGreen { get; }Gets the dark sea green Pen.
static DarkSlateBlue { get; }Gets the dark slate blue Pen.
static DarkSlateGray { get; }Gets the dark slate gray Pen.
static DarkTurquoise { get; }Gets the dark turquoise Pen.
static DarkViolet { get; }Gets the dark violet Pen.
static DeepPink { get; }Gets the deep pink Pen.
static DeepSkyBlue { get; }Gets the deep sky blue Pen.
static DimGray { get; }Gets the dim gray Pen.
static DodgerBlue { get; }Gets the dodger blue Pen.
static Firebrick { get; }Gets the firebrick Pen.
static FloralWhite { get; }Gets the floral white Pen.
static ForestGreen { get; }Gets the forest green Pen.
static Fuchsia { get; }Gets the fuchsia Pen.
static Gainsboro { get; }Gets the gainsboro Pen.
static GhostWhite { get; }Gets the ghost white Pen.
static Gold { get; }Gets the gold Pen.
static Goldenrod { get; }Gets the goldenrod Pen.
static Gray { get; }Gets the gray Pen.
static Green { get; }Gets the green Pen.
static GreenYellow { get; }Gets the green yellow Pen.
static Honeydew { get; }Gets the honeydew Pen.
static HotPink { get; }Gets the hot pink Pen.
static IndianRed { get; }Gets the indian red Pen.
static Indigo { get; }Gets the indigo Pen.
static Ivory { get; }Gets the ivory Pen.
static Khaki { get; }Gets the khaki Pen.
static Lavender { get; }Gets the lavender Pen.
static LavenderBlush { get; }Gets the lavender blush Pen.
static LawnGreen { get; }Gets the lawn green Pen.
static LemonChiffon { get; }Gets the lemon chiffon Pen.
static LightBlue { get; }Gets the light blue Pen.
static LightCoral { get; }Gets the light coral Pen.
static LightCyan { get; }Gets the light cyan Pen.
static LightGoldenrodYellow { get; }Gets the light goldenrod yellow Pen.
static LightGray { get; }Gets the light gray Pen.
static LightGreen { get; }Gets the light green Pen.
static LightPink { get; }Gets the light pink Pen.
static LightSalmon { get; }Gets the light salmon Pen.
static LightSeaGreen { get; }Gets the light sea green Pen.
static LightSkyBlue { get; }Gets the light sky blue Pen.
static LightSlateGray { get; }Gets the light slate gray Pen.
static LightSteelBlue { get; }Gets the light steel blue Pen.
static LightYellow { get; }Gets the light yellow Pen.
static Lime { get; }Gets the lime Pen.
static LimeGreen { get; }Gets the lime green Pen.
static Linen { get; }Gets the linen Pen.
static Magenta { get; }Gets the magenta Pen.
static Maroon { get; }Gets the maroon Pen.
static MediumAquamarine { get; }Gets the medium aquamarine Pen.
static MediumBlue { get; }Gets the medium blue Pen.
static MediumOrchid { get; }Gets the medium orchid Pen.
static MediumPurple { get; }Gets the medium purple Pen.
static MediumSeaGreen { get; }Gets the medium sea green Pen.
static MediumSlateBlue { get; }Gets the medium slate blue Pen.
static MediumSpringGreen { get; }Gets the medium spring green Pen.
static MediumTurquoise { get; }Gets the medium turquoise Pen.
static MediumVioletRed { get; }Gets the medium violet red Pen.
static MidnightBlue { get; }Gets the midnight blue Pen.
static MintCream { get; }Gets the mint cream Pen.
static MistyRose { get; }Gets the misty rose Pen.
static Moccasin { get; }Gets the moccasin Pen.
static NavajoWhite { get; }Gets the navajo white Pen.
static Navy { get; }Gets the navy Pen.
static OldLace { get; }Gets the old lace Pen.
static Olive { get; }Gets the olive Pen.
static OliveDrab { get; }Gets the olive drab Pen.
static Orange { get; }Gets the orange Pen.
static OrangeRed { get; }Gets the orange red Pen.
static Orchid { get; }Gets the orchid Pen.
static PaleGoldenrod { get; }Gets the pale goldenrod Pen.
static PaleGreen { get; }Gets the pale green Pen.
static PaleTurquoise { get; }Gets the pale turquoise Pen.
static PaleVioletRed { get; }Gets the pale violet red Pen.
static PapayaWhip { get; }Gets the papaya whip Pen.
static PeachPuff { get; }Gets the peach puff Pen.
static Peru { get; }Gets the peru Pen.
static Pink { get; }Gets the pink Pen.
static Plum { get; }Gets the plum Pen.
static PowderBlue { get; }Gets the powder blue Pen.
static Purple { get; }Gets the purple Pen.
static Red { get; }Gets the red Pen.
static RosyBrown { get; }Gets the rosy brown Pen.
static RoyalBlue { get; }Gets the royal blue Pen.
static SaddleBrown { get; }Gets the saddle brown Pen.
static Salmon { get; }Gets the salmon Pen.
static SandyBrown { get; }Gets the sandy brown Pen.
static SeaGreen { get; }Gets the sea green Pen.
static SeaShell { get; }Gets the sea shell Pen.
static Sienna { get; }Gets the sienna Pen.
static Silver { get; }Gets the silver Pen.
static SkyBlue { get; }Gets the sky blue Pen.
static SlateBlue { get; }Gets the slate blue Pen.
static SlateGray { get; }Gets the slate gray Pen.
static Snow { get; }Gets the snow Pen.
static SpringGreen { get; }Gets the spring green Pen.
static SteelBlue { get; }Gets the steel blue Pen.
static Tan { get; }Gets the tan Pen.
static Teal { get; }Gets the teal Pen.
static Thistle { get; }Gets the thistle Pen.
static Tomato { get; }Gets the tomato Pen.
static Transparent { get; }Gets the transparent Pen.
static Turquoise { get; }Gets the turquoise Pen.
static Violet { get; }Gets the violet Pen.
static Wheat { get; }Gets the wheat Pen.
static White { get; }Gets the white Pen.
static WhiteSmoke { get; }Gets the white smoke Pen.
static Yellow { get; }Gets the yellow Pen.
static YellowGreen { get; }Gets the yellow green Pen.

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