Contains Java API classes that enables to read and write Microsoft Outlook documents without using Microsoft Outlook


Class Description
AllowedConferenceSolutionTypes The types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar.
AlternateView Represents the format to view a message.
AlternateViewCollection Represents a collection of AlternateView objects.
AlternateViewRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the AlternateViewCollection.#AlternateViewRemovedDelegate event.
AmpAccordion A UI element that facilitates showing/hiding different sections.
AmpAnim A runtime-managed animated image, typically a GIF.
AmpAttributes Represents attributes used by the amp-components.
AmpCarousel Component allows displaying multiple similar pieces of content along a horizontal axis.
AmpComponent Base class to representation amp components.
AmpFitText Expands or shrinks its font size to fit the content within the space given to it.
AmpForm The amp-form extension allows you to create forms to submit input fields in an AMP document.
AmpMessage Message which allows senders to include AMP components inside emails.
AmpTimeago Provides fuzzy timestamps by formatting dates as “X time ago”
Appender Represents the base class for Appender.
AppenderCollection Represents the collecton for Appender objects.
Appointment Represents a calendar to an e-mail.
AppointmentAction Enumerates appointments methods
AppointmentClass Defines the access classification for the appointment.
AppointmentFlags Enumerates appointment flags.
AppointmentFormattingOptions Represents the appointment formatting options.
AppointmentIcsSaveOptions Represents iCalendar save options
AppointmentLoadOptions Represents appointment load options
AppointmentMethodType Defines the iCalendar object method type associated with the calendar object.
AppointmentMsgSaveOptions Represents iCalendar save options
AppointmentReminder Provides a grouping of component properties that define an alarm.
AppointmentReminderCollection Contains collection of AppointmentReminder AppointmentReminderobjects.
AppointmentSaveFormat Enumerates AppointmentSaveFormat
AppointmentSaveOptions Represents base appointment save options
AppointmentStatus Defines the overall status or confirmation for the appointment.
AppointmentTransparency Specifies whether or not this appointment is intended to be visible in availability searches.
AsposeArgumentException The exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid.
AsposeArgumentNullException The ArgumentException is thrown when an argument is null when it shouldn’t be.
AsposeArgumentOutOfRangeException The exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is out of range.
AsposeException Base exception type for Aspose.Email Represents errors that occur during application execution.
AsposeInvalidDataException The exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid.
AsposeInvalidOperationException Exception class for denoting an object was in a state that made calling a method illegal.
AsposeNotSupportedException The exception that is thrown when an invoked method or parameter is not supported, or when there is an attempt to read, seek, or write to a stream that does not support the invoked functionality.
AssociatedPerson Describes organization which is associated with a person.
AssociatedPersonCategory Represents category for a persons
AssociatedPersonsList List of associated persons for a contact
Attachment Represents an e-mail attachment.
AttachmentBase Base class for mail attachment.
AttachmentCollection Represents a collection of e-mail message attachments.
AttachmentPermissionType The permission type data associated with a web reference attachment.
AttachmentProviderType The type of web service manipulating the attachment.
BaseDataObject Base class for google data objects.
BodyContentType The content type of message body.
BoolComparisonField Represents the boolean search field.
BounceResult Represents result of the message examination as a bounce message.
BuildVersionInfo Provides information about the current product name and version.
ByDay Represents Nth occurrence (or all occurrences) of the specified day of the week.
ByDayCollection Represents a collection of ByDay objects.
ByNumberCollection Represents a set of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds in a recurrence rule.
Calendar A set of metadata, such as a description, for a single calendar.
CalendarDay Represents the day of the week.
CalendarMonth Represents a calendar month.
CalendarReader Allows read the calendar with multi events to the Appointment object from a file or stream.
CalendarRecurrence The main class, represents an iCalendar recurrence.
CalendarRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern.
CalendarWriter Allows write the set of Events in one ics file or stream.
CanonicalizationType Represents DKIM canonicalization.
CarouselType Specifies the display type for the carousel items.
ComparisonField Base class that represents one search field.
ConferenceProperties Conferencing properties for this calendar.
ConsoleAppender Represents an appender for console output.
Contact Represents contact information.
ContactFieldsSet Enumerates the groups of Contact fields that will be included in resultant mhtml file.
ContactLoadFormat Enumerates contact load formats
ContactPhoto Represents contact photo.
ContactQueryBuilder Represents the builder of search expression that used by Exchange protocol.
ContactSaveFormat Enumerates contact save formats
ContactSaveOptions Represents the base contact save options
ContentDisposition Represents a Content-Disposition header.
ContentType Represents a Content-Type header.
CurrentThreadSettings Auxiliary class that allows to define default Locale for current thread
CustomAttachmentStorage Represents custom attachment storage.
CustomerEvent Represents an event.
DKIMHashAlgorithm Represents DKIM hash algorithm.
DKIMSignatureInfo Represents DKIM signature information.
DSNAction Indicates the action performed by the Reporting-MTA as a result of its attempt to deliver the message.
DailyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of daily recurrence type.
DataColumn DataColumn class.
DataColumnCollection DataColumnCollection class.
DataColumnMapping DataColumnMapping class.
DataColumnMappingCollection DataColumnMappingCollection class.
DataRow DataRow class.
DataRowCollection DataRowCollection class.
DataTable DataTable class.
DateCollection Represents a collection of java.util.Date values.
DateComparisonField Represents the date search field.
DateComparisonType Specifies a type of comparison
DateRange Represents the date range
DayPosition Day positions, typically found in a month.
DebugAppender Represents an appender is only enabled when debugging.
DebugFormatter Represents the class for formatting log entry messages.
DeliveryNotificationOptions Specifies delivery notifications.
DispositionTypeNames Represents the disposition type names.
DomainValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the DomainValidating event.
DomainValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for DomainValidatingEvent.
EmailAddress Represents an email address
EmailAddressCategory Represents category for an email address
EmailAddressList List of email addresses for a contact
EmlLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Eml format.
EmlSaveOptions Allows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Eml and Emlx format.
EmlValidationError Represents the eml validation error information.
EmlValidationErrorCollection Represents the collection of EmlValidationError
EmlValidationErrorType Enumerates the types of the eml validation errors.
EmlxLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Eml format.
EndType Specifies how the recurrence rule ends.
EventCategory Represents category for an event
EventList List of events for a contact
ExceptionManager Provides the ability to ignore exceptions.
ExchangeTask Represents the exchange task information.
ExchangeTaskStatus Enumerates the task statuses.
FailedMailMessageEventArgs Provides data for the MessageSending and MessageSent events.
FailureItem Indicates the item type that retrieval failed during the traversal.
FailureType Indicates the failure type.
FileAppender Reprensents a file appender.
FileAsMapping Specifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change.
FileCompatibilityMode Defines inner conversions, that are necessarily to be done when loading or saving a message.
FileCorruptedException Exception that is thrown during file reading, when the file appears to be corrupted and impossible to read.
FileFormat Specifies the file format used to store messages, calendar events, and other items.
FileFormatInfo Contains data returned by FileFormatUtil file format detection methods.
FileFormatType Enumerates file format types.
FileFormatUtil Provides utility methods to detect file type.
FileFormatVersion Represents version of file.
FolderInfo Represents information about personal folder in PST.
FolderInfoCollection Represents collection of FolderInfo.
FolderKind Represents the different kinds of pst folders.
FollowUpManager Provides the ability to set and handle follow-up Outlook flags and categories.
FollowUpOptions Represents options for using follow-up flags and reminders in a message.
FormField Describe one field of form.
FormMethod The method tells the server about the request method.
FormTarget Indicates where to display the form response after submitting the form.
FormatNotSupportedException Exception that is thrown during document load, when the document format is not recognized or not supported by the component.
Formatter Represents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
ForwardMessageBuilder Provides creation and formatting the forwarding messages.
Frequency Specifies frequency of the recurrence rule.
Gender Enum defines gender of a person
GlobalFormattingOptions Class that allow to set some formatting options for all newly created instances of this options.
HeaderCollection Defines the collection of header fields
HeaderList Colection with name of headers that are included in the DKIM signature.
HeaderType Represents the Internet standards and RFCs define header fields which may occur on Internet Mail Messages .
HeadersFormattingOptions Allows to specify headers formatting options when saving MailMessage to Mhtml or Html format.
HtmlFormatOptions Enumerates the Html format options.
HtmlLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Html format.
HtmlSaveOptions Allows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Html format.
IDataReader IDataReader class
IcsSaveOptions Represents iCalendar save options
InlineAttachmentExtractor Provides ability to extract files from MSO packages.
InstantMessengerAddress Represents an instant messanger address.
InstantMessengerCategory Represents category for an instant messenger address
InstantMessengerList List of instant messenger addresses for a contact.
IntComparisonField Represents the integer search field.
ItemMovedEventArgs Provides data for the FolderInfo.#ItemMovedDelegate event
ItemMovedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle an FolderInfo.#ItemMovedDelegate event.
KnownPropertyList The read-only Master Property List provides implementers with a single source of information about all the properties that are described by the specifications that comprise the Exchange Server Protocols documentation (MS-OXPROPS).
KnownPropertySets [MS-OXCDATA]: Commonly Used Property Sets
LayoutType The layout attribute gives you easy, per-element control over how your element should render on screen.
License Provides methods to license the component.
LinkedResource Represents an embedded resource in a message.
LinkedResourceCollection Represents a collection of LinkedResource objects
LoadOptions This is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when loading a MailMessage from a particular format.
LocaleOptions LocaleOptions type specifies locale configuration for Aspose.Email.
LogEntry Represents a log message.
LogLevel Defines available log levels.
Logger Provides the logging functionality.
MSBusyStatus Specifies the BUSY status of an appointment.
MSImportance Specifies the importance of an appointment.
MSIntendedStatus Specifies the INTENDED status of an appointment.
MailAddress Represents the address of a message.
MailAddressCollection Represents a collection of MailAddress objects.
MailConversionOptions Specify additional options when converting from MapiMessage to MailMessage.
MailException Represents the exception that is thrown when the mail message processing.
MailMessage Represents an e-mail message.
MailMessageCollection Represents a collection of MailMessage objects.
MailMessageEventArgs Provides data for the MessageSending and MessageSent events.
MailMessageSaveType Represents the mail message format.It can be in eml,msg or mhtml format.
MailQuery Represents the search criteria, that are used to match several message properties in the mailbox.
MailQueryBuilder Represents the builder of search expression.
MailServerValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the MailServerValidatingEvent event.
MailServerValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for MailServerValidatingEvent.
MailStorageConverter Mail storage converter provides services for storage conversion operations.
MailStorageConverter.MailHandler Represents the method that will handle an event that occurs after successfully reading a message from the Mbox and before adding it to Pst.
MailboxConverter Provides mailbox conversion routines.
MailboxInfo Represents identification information about message in a mailbox.
MapiAttachment Represents the attachment in the E-mail message.
MapiAttachmentCollection Represents a collection of MapiAttachment objects.
MapiAttachmentPropertyStream Represents the property stream of attachment object.
MapiCalendar Represents the mapi calendar object
MapiCalendarAttendees Represents the mapi calendar attendees
MapiCalendarBusyStatus Enumerates the mapi calendar possible busy status
MapiCalendarDailyRecurrencePattern Represents the daily recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarDayOfWeek Enumerates the days of week of the mapi calendar recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarEventRecurrence Represents the recurrence properties of calendar object
MapiCalendarExceptionInfo An exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series.
MapiCalendarMonthlyNthRecurrencePattern Represents the monthly nth recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarMonthlyRecurrencePattern Represents the monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarOverrideFlags Specifies what data in the MapiCalendarOverrideFlags structure has a value different from the recurring series.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceCalendarType Enumerated the calendar type of the mapi recurrence
MapiCalendarRecurrenceEndType Enumerates the ending type for the recurrence.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceFrequency Enumerates mapi calendar recurrence frequency
MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern Represents the mapi recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternFactory Represents the factory of MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternType Enumerates the mapi calendar recurrence pattern types
MapiCalendarState Enumerates the appointment state
MapiCalendarTimeZone Represents the mapi calendar time zone information
MapiCalendarTimeZoneFlags Enumerates the individual bit flags that specify information about TimeZoneRule
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfo Represents the mapi calendar time zone rule
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfoCollection Represents a collection of MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfo
MapiCalendarTimeZoneRule Represents time zone rule that indicate when to begin using the Standard/Daylight time.
MapiCalendarWeeklyRecurrencePattern Represents the weekly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarYearlyAndMonthlyRecurrencePattern Represents the yearly and monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiContact Represents outlook contact information
MapiContactElectronicAddress Refers to the group of properties that define the e-mail address or fax address for a contact.
MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySet Specify properties for up to three different e-mail addresses (Email1, Email2, and Email3) and three different fax addresses (Primary Fax, Business Fax, and Home Fax)
MapiContactEventPropertySet Specify events associated with a contact
MapiContactGender Gender of the contact
MapiContactNamePropertySet The properties are used to specify the name of the person represented by the contact
MapiContactOtherPropertySet The properties are used to specify additional properies of contact.
MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet Specify other additional contact information
MapiContactPhoto Contains data and type of contact’s photo.
MapiContactPhotoImageFormat Enumerates MapiContact photo image format.
MapiContactPhysicalAddress Refers to the group of properties that define physical address for a contact.
MapiContactPhysicalAddressPropertySet Specify three physical addresses: Home Address, Work Address, and Other Address.
MapiContactProfessionalPropertySet Properties are used to store professional details for the person represented by the contact
MapiContactSaveOptions Specifies the contact save options.
MapiContactTelephonePropertySet Specify optional telephone numbers for the contact
MapiConversionOptions This class allows the user to specify additional options when converting from MailMessage to MapiMessage.
MapiDistributionList Represents the Personal Distribution List object.
MapiDistributionListContactAddressType Represents the address type of a personal distribution list member.
MapiDistributionListEntryIdType Specifies the type of EntryID.
MapiDistributionListMember Represents the members of the personal distribution list.
MapiDistributionListMemberCollection Represents a collection of MapiDistributionListMember objects.
MapiElectronicAddress Refers to the group of properties that define the e-mail address or fax address.
MapiGuidConstants Contains several guid constants defined by MSG format specification.
MapiImportance Contains a values that indicates the message importance.
MapiJournal Represents the Outlook Journal object.
MapiJournalDocumentStatus Indicates the status of document.
MapiJournalFlags Contains metadata about the Journal object.
MapiMessage Represents an Outlook Message format document that can be parsed.
MapiMessageFlags MapiMessageFlags.
MapiMessageItemBase Represents the base class for all MapiMessageItem classes and keeps common collections of mapi properties, attachments, recipients.
MapiMessageParseException This exception is thrown when errors occur in parsing MapiMessage.
MapiMessagePropertyStream Represents the property stream.
MapiMessageReader Represents a reader that can read a Microsoft Outlook Message format document.
MapiNamedProperty Represents the data type of Named Property.
MapiNamedPropertyMappingStorage Represents the named property mapping
MapiNote Represents outlook Note object (“sticky note”)
MapiObjectProperty Represents a Custom object included in Outlook Message documents.
MapiObjectType Represents the mapi object type.
MapiProperty Represents the mapi property.
MapiPropertyCollection Represents the collection of MapiProperty items.
MapiPropertyContainer Represents the base class for MapiAttachment, MapiRecipient, MapiMessage.
MapiPropertyFlags Represents flags which can be set on a MAPI property.
MapiPropertyStream Represents the property stream.
MapiPropertyTag Represents the MAPI property tags definition.
MapiPropertyType Represents the data type of MapiProperty data.
MapiRecipient Represents the recipient information in the Microsoft Outlook Message.
MapiRecipientCollection Represents a collection of MapiRecipient objects.
MapiRecipientPropertyStream Represents the property stream of recipient object.
MapiRecipientTrackStatus Represents the response status returned by the attendee.
MapiRecipientType Represent the PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE property which contains the recipient type for a message recipient.
MapiSensitivity Contains a values that indicates the message sensitivity.
MapiTask Represents the Outlook Task object.
MapiTaskAcceptanceState Indicates the acceptance state of the task.
MapiTaskFlags Contains indication flags of the Task object.
MapiTaskHistory Indicates the type of change that was last made to the Task object.
MapiTaskMode Represents the assignment statuses of the task object.
MapiTaskOwnership Indicates the role of the current user relative to the Task object.
MapiTaskPriority Represents the priority on the task.
MapiTaskState Indicates the assignment state of the Task object.
MapiTaskStatus Represents the statuses of the user’s progress on the task.
MapiTaskUsers Represents information about task users.
MapiType Contains possible MAPI property types which can be stored with message object.
MboxLoadOptions Specifies additional options when loading a Mbox storage.
MboxStorageReader A base class for any mbox-based mail storage reader.
MboxStorageWriter A base class for any mbox-based mail storage writer.
MboxoStorageReader Represents mboxo format storage reader, this format is being used by Eudora.
MboxrdStorageReader Represents mboxrd format storage reader, this format is being used by Thunderbird and other mail clients.
MboxrdStorageWriter Represents mboxrd format storage writer, this format is being used by Thunderbird and other mail clients.
MediaTypeNames Specifies the media type names for an e-mail message.
MediaTypeNames.Application Specifies the kind of application data in an e-mail message attachment.
MediaTypeNames.Image Specifies the type of image data in an e-mail message attachment.
MediaTypeNames.Text Specifies the type of text data in an e-mail message attachment.
MessageAcceptanceCallback Callback function which is being called during the conversion process.
MessageAddedEventArgs Provides data for the FolderInfo.#MessageAddedDelegate event
MessageAddedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle an FolderInfo.#MessageAddedDelegate event.
MessageFormat Represents the mail message format.It can be in eml,msg or mhtml format.
MessageInfo Represents information about message in PST.
MessageInfoCollection Represents the collection of MessageInfo.
MessageKind Represents the different kinds of messages in pst.
MessageObject Represents an Outlook message object.
MessageObjectAttachmentEntity Represents an attachment entity.
MessageObjectAttachmentsCollection Represents a collection for MessageObjectAttachmentEntity objects.
MessageObjectLoadFormat Represents available formats MessageObject could be loaded from.
MessageObjectPropertiesCollection Represents a keyed collection for MessageObjectProperty objects.
MessageObjectProperty Represents a property on a MessageObject.
MessageObjectRecipientEntity Represens a recipient entry in message object.
MessageObjectRecipientsCollection Represents a collection for MessageObjectRecipientEntity objects.
MessageObjectSaveFormat Represents available formats MessageObject could be saved to.
MessageStore Message store is the root of the PST, which is the rough equivalent of the top of a Mailbox.
Metered Provides methods to set metered key.
MhtFormatOptions Enumerates the Mht format options
MhtSaveOptions Allows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Mhtml format.
MhtTemplateName Defines well known names of headers for Mhtml formatting.
MhtTemplateName.Contact Defines well known names of headers of Contact for Mhtml formatting.
MhtTemplateName.Task Defines well known names of headers of Task for Mhtml formatting.
MhtmlLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Mhtml format.
MimeException Provides information about MIME errors
MonthlyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of monthly recurrence type.
MsgLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Msg format.
MsgSaveOptions This class allows the user to specify additional settings when saving a MailMessage in the Msg(ASCII) and Msg(Unicode) format.
NamedPropertyKind Identifies MessageObjectProperty kind.
NoteColor Specifies the suggested background color of the Note object
NoteSaveFormat Enumerates NoteSaveFormat
NotesStorageFacility The Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database file is used by (IBM) Lotus Notes and Domino to store different kind of objects like e-mail, appointments and documents, but also application forms and views.
NsfLoadOptions Specifies additional options when loading a NSF storage.
NullAppender Represents a do-nothing appender.
OAuthToken Contains OAuth token data such like token value, token type, expiration date.
ObjectIdentifier Contains object identification information
OleDocumentFormat Represents the format for OLE document.
OlmFolder Represents folder information in OLM storage.
OlmMessageInfo Represents an information about message in the OLM storage.
OlmStorage Represents Outlook for Mac storage (.OLM) file.
OriginalMessageAdditionMode Way to include the original message in response message.
OutlookMessageFormat Represents outlook message format.
ParticipationStatus Identifies the participation status for the calendar user.
PemReader PEM format reader.
PersonalStorage Represents Personal Storage Table (.pst) file.
PersonalStorageLoadOptions Specifies additional options when loading a PST storage.
PersonalStorageQueryBuilder Represents the builder of search expression that used by pst.
PhoneNumber Represents a phone number.
PhoneNumberCategory Represents category for a phone number
PhoneNumberList List of phone numbers for a contact.
PidLidPropertyDescriptor Class contains property description information.
PidNamePropertyDescriptor Class contains property description information.
PidTagPropertyDescriptor Class contains property description information.
PostalAddress Represents a postal address.
PostalAddressCategory Represents category for a postal address
PostalAddressList List of postal addresses for a contact.
ProgressEventHandlerInfo This class represents information about conversion progress that can be used in external applicatuion to show conversion progress to end user.
ProgressEventType Type of progress event that occured.
PropertyDataType [MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures
PropertyDescriptor Class contains property description information.
QueryField Base class for query fields.
RecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRule Represents one recurrence or exception rule in a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRuleCollection Represents a collection of RecurrenceRule objects.
ReferenceAttachment This class represents a reference attachment
ReminderAction Defines the action to be invoked when an alarm is triggered.
ReminderAttachment Provides the capability to associate a document object with an alarm.
ReminderAttachmentCollection Contains collection of ReminderAttachment ReminderAttachmentobjects.
ReminderAttendee Defines an “Attendee” within a alarm.
ReminderAttendeeCollection Contains collection of ReminderAttendee ReminderAttendeeobjects.
ReminderDuration Used to identify properties that contain a duration of time.
ReminderRelated Specify the relationship of the alarm trigger with respect to the start or end of the event.
ReminderTrigger Specifies when an alarm will trigger.
ReplyMessageBuilder Provides creation and formatting the replying messages.
ResourceHtmlRenderingEventArgs Represents additional parameters for ResourceHtmlRendering event.
ResourceHtmlRenderingHandler Provides customization of rendering resources in html.
ResourceRenderingMode Provides set various modes of rendering resources in html.
ResponseMessageBuilder Provides creation and formatting the forwarding and replying messages.
SaveOptions This is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when saving a MailMessage into a particular format.
SaveResourceHandler Represents the handler for HtmlSaveOptions.SaveResourceHandler
SaveResult Represents the result of saving the retrieved item.
SaveStatus Represents the status of saving the retrieved message.
SearchItemType Provides the item type values to limit search results to only a specific type of item.
Section Element of AmpAccordion.
SectionHeader Represents the heading for the section
SectionHeaderType Represents the type of heading for the section.
SectionValue Represents the content of the section.
SimpleFormatter Represents the default implementation of IFormatter interface.
SpamAnalyzer Class which allows applications to detect spam e-mails with self-learning Bayesian filter.
StandardFormatter Represents the class for formatting log entry messsages.
StandardIpmFolder Represents a standard interpersonal message (IPM) folders.
StorageProcessedEventArgs Provides data for the PersonalStorage.#StorageProcessedDelegate event
StorageProcessedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle an PersonalStorage.#StorageProcessedDelegate event.
StringComparisonField Represents the string search field.
SyntaxValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the SyntaxValidating event.
SyntaxValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for SyntaxValidatingEvent.
TIPMethod Defines the iTIP (iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol) methods associated with an object.
Task Represents the exchange task information.
TaskSaveFormat Enumerates TaskSaveFormat
TemplateEngine This class uses specified template to construct E-Mail messages.
TemplateRoutine Represents the routine used in the template file.
TextFormat Defines format of a text.
TgzReader The mailbox items reader of Zimbra tgz storage.
TimeoutReachedHandler Raised if timed out while saving.
TnefLoadOptions Allows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Tnef format.
TokenType Defines OAuth token types
TransferEncoding Specifies the Content-Transfer-Encoding header information.
TraversalAsposeException Represents the exception that can occur when traversing a storage.
TraversalExceptionsCallback Represents the callback method that handles the exceptions during storage traversal.
TraversalFailureKind Represents the kind of failure that can occur when traversing a storage.
Url Objects represents a URL and its category.
UrlCategory Represents category for a URL
UrlList List of urls for contact
VCardAgent Represents a vCard Agent property
VCardContact Represents a vCard contact
VCardDeliveryAddress Represents a vCard delivery address
VCardDeliveryAddressCollection Represents a collection of VCardDeliveryAddresses
VCardDeliveryAddressType Enumerates a vCard delivery address types
VCardEmail Represents vCard email
VCardEmailCollection Represents a collection of VCardEmails
VCardEmailType Enumerates vCard email types
VCardExplanatoryInfo Represents vCard explanatory properties
VCardFullName Represents vCard contact full name (N property)
VCardGeo Represents a global positioning of vCard contact
VCardIdentificationInfo Represents vCard identification information
VCardLabel To specify the formatted text corresponding to delivery address of the object the vCard represents.
VCardLabelCollection Represents a collection of VCardLabel
VCardOrganization Represents vCard organization properties
VCardPhoto Represents vCard photo property
VCardPhotoType Enumerates vCard photo type
VCardSaveOptions Represents vCard save options
VCardSecurity Represents a vCard security properties
VCardSound Represents a vCard sound property
VCardSoundType Enumerates a cVard sound types
VCardTelephoneNumber Represents a vCard telephone number
VCardTelephoneNumberCollection Represents a collection of VCardTelephoneNumbers
VCardTelephoneType Enumerates a vCard telephone types
VCardUrl Represents a vCard URL property
VCardUrlCollection Represents a collection of VCardUrls
VCardUrlType Enumerates url type
VCardValueLocation Enumerates the vCard property parameter ValueLocation.
VCardVersion Enumerates vCard version
ValidationResponseCode Represents the response status of the mail validating process.
ValidationResult Present the result of the email validating process.
WebDavContactSaveOptions Specifies the contact save options.
WeeklyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of weekly recurrence type.
YearlyRecurrencePattern Represents a recurrence pattern of yearly recurrence type.


Interface Description
BindIPEndPointHandler Use the BindIPEndPointHandler if you need to use a specific local endpoint.
ConversionProgressEventHandler Represents signature for method that usually supplied by calling side and handles progress events.
HyperlinkRenderingCallback Provides possibility to handle rendering of hyperlink in custom style.
IAppender Implement this interface for your own strategies for printing log entries.
IAsyncResultExt Represents the extended status of an asynchronous operation.
IAttachment Represents a common attachment interface
IFormatter Represents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
IMailAddress Represents a common mail address interface
IMailTransferAgent Provides the base interface for mail transfer agents.
IMapiMessageItem Base interface for all message items in Outlook
IMessage Represents a common message interface
IMessageFormatter Provides a mechanism for retrieving an object to Message formatting.
IMessageObjectPropertyContainer Defines an interface for container which contains MessageObjectProperty entries.
INamedPropertyTagProvider Interface of named mapi property tag provider.
IPreferredTextEncodingProvider Defines a interface for objects that can define PreferredTextEncoding.
ITokenProvider Defines interface allowing to retrieve access token.
IgnoreExceptionsCallback Ignore Exceptions callback.
IgnoreExceptionsLogCallback Ignored Exceptions Log callback.


Enum Description
MailPriority Represents the mail priopity
MailSensitivity Specifies the sensitivity of a MailMessage.