Contains Java API classes that enables to read and write Microsoft Outlook documents without using Microsoft Outlook


AccessControlRuleAccess control rule.
AccessRoleThe effective access role that the authenticated user has on the calendar.
AclScopeThe scope of the access rule.
AclScopeTypeThe type of the ACL scope.
AllowedConferenceSolutionTypesThe types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar.
AlternateViewRepresents the format to view a message.
AlternateViewCollectionRepresents a collection of AlternateView objects.
AlternateViewRemovedEventArgsProvides data for the AlternateViewCollection.#AlternateViewRemovedDelegate event.
AmpAccordionA UI element that facilitates showing/hiding different sections.
AmpAnimA runtime-managed animated image, typically a GIF.
AmpAttributesRepresents attributes used by the amp-components.
AmpCarouselComponent allows displaying multiple similar pieces of content along a horizontal axis.
AmpComponentBase class to representation amp components.
AmpFitTextExpands or shrinks its font size to fit the content within the space given to it.
AmpFormThe amp-form extension allows you to create forms to submit input fields in an AMP document.
AmpMessageMessage which allows senders to include AMP components inside emails.
AmpTimeagoProvides fuzzy timestamps by formatting dates as “X time ago”
AppendMessagesResultContains result of operation with messages
AppenderRepresents the base class for Appender.
AppenderCollectionRepresents the collecton for Appender objects.
AppointmentRepresents a calendar to an e-mail.
AppointmentActionEnumerates appointments methods
AppointmentClassDefines the access classification for the appointment.
AppointmentCollectionRepresents a collection of Appointment objects.
AppointmentFlagsEnumerates appointment flags.
AppointmentFormattingOptionsRepresents the appointment formatting options.
AppointmentIcsSaveOptionsRepresents iCalendar save options
AppointmentLoadOptionsRepresents appointment load options
AppointmentMethodTypeDefines the iCalendar object method type associated with the calendar object.
AppointmentMsgSaveOptionsRepresents iCalendar save options
AppointmentPageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
AppointmentQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression that used by Exchange protocol.
AppointmentReminderProvides a grouping of component properties that define an alarm.
AppointmentReminderCollectionContains collection of AppointmentReminder AppointmentReminderobjects.
AppointmentSaveFormatEnumerates AppointmentSaveFormat
AppointmentSaveOptionsRepresents base appointment save options
AppointmentStatusDefines the overall status or confirmation for the appointment.
AppointmentTransparencySpecifies whether or not this appointment is intended to be visible in availability searches.
AsposeArgumentExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid.
AsposeArgumentNullExceptionThe ArgumentException is thrown when an argument is null when it shouldn’t be.
AsposeArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is out of range.
AsposeBadServerResponceExceptionRepresents errors that occur during server operation execution.
AsposeExceptionBase exception type for Aspose.Email Represents errors that occur during application execution.
AsposeInvalidDataExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid.
AsposeInvalidEnumArgumentExceptionBase exceptioon type for Aspose.Email Represents errors that occur during application execution.
AsposeInvalidOperationExceptionException class for denoting an object was in a state that made calling a method illegal.
AsposeNotSupportedExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an invoked method or parameter is not supported, or when there is an attempt to read, seek, or write to a stream that does not support the invoked functionality.
AssociatedPersonDescribes organization which is associated with a person.
AssociatedPersonCategoryRepresents category for a persons
AssociatedPersonsListList of associated persons for a contact
AsyncCommandResultEventArgsAsyncCommandResultEventArgs is containing event data.
AsyncCommandResultsThe result of asynchronous command.
AttachmentRepresents an e-mail attachment.
AttachmentBaseBase class for mail attachment.
AttachmentCollectionRepresents a collection of e-mail message attachments.
AttachmentPermissionTypeThe permission type data associated with a web reference attachment.
AttachmentProviderTypeThe type of web service manipulating the attachment.
AutodiscoverErrorCodeDefines the error codes that can be returned by the Autodiscover service.
AutodiscoverRedirectionUrlValidationCallbackDefines a delegate that is used by the AutodiscoverService to ask whether a redirectionUrl can be used.
AutodiscoverResponseRepresents the base class for all responses returned by the Autodiscover service.
AutodiscoverResponseCollectionRepresents a collection of responses to a call to the Autodiscover service.
AutodiscoverServiceRepresents a binding to the Exchange Autodiscover Service.
AutodiscoverServiceBaseRepresents an abstract binding to an Autodiscover Service.
BackupOptionsEnumerates backup options
BackupSettingsClass contains options for backup operation
BaseDataObjectBase class for google data objects.
BaseRestObjectRepresents functionality for base object.
BaseSearchConditionsProvides base class for the search conditions.
BeforeItemCallbackBeforeItemCallback is called before the next item is processed, the type of which depends on the task being performed.
BinaryComparisonFieldRepresents the binary search field.
BodyContentTypeThe content type of message body.
BoolComparisonFieldRepresents the boolean search field.
BounceResultRepresents result of the message examination as a bounce message.
BuildVersionInfoProvides information about the current product name and version.
ByDayRepresents Nth occurrence (or all occurrences) of the specified day of the week.
ByDayCollectionRepresents a collection of ByDay objects.
ByNumberCollectionRepresents a set of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds in a recurrence rule.
CalendarA set of metadata, such as a description, for a single calendar.
CalendarDayRepresents the day of the week.
CalendarDeletionOptionsDefines parameters for item deletion
CalendarItemCreateOrDeleteOperationRepresents options for create and delete operations
CalendarMonthRepresents a calendar month.
CalendarReaderAllows read the calendar with multi events to the Appointment object from a file or stream.
CalendarRecurrenceThe main class, represents an iCalendar recurrence.
CalendarRecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern.
CalendarWriterAllows write the set of Events in one ics file or stream.
CallInformationPhone call information
CanonicalizationTypeRepresents DKIM canonicalization.
CarouselTypeSpecifies the display type for the carousel items.
CategoryPresetA pre-set color enumeration that characterizes a categories, and that is mapped to one of 25 predefined colors.
ClassificationOverrideRepresents a user’s override for how incoming messages from a specific sender should always be classified as.
ClassificationType Specifies how incoming messages from a specific sender should always be classified as.
ColorsSet of colors for calendar object
ColorsInfoContains colors definition for calendars and events
CommandStatusIndicates the result of an operation.
ComparisonFieldBase class that represents one search field.
ComparisonFieldAdapterImplements adapter for using ComparisonField according to their type
CompressionTypeCompression types which are used by mail protocols
ConferencePropertiesConferencing properties for this calendar.
ConnectionAsgmtTypeDefines algorithm of connection allocation in multiple threads environment
ConnectionFailureCauseConnection failure cause
ConnectionStateDescribes the current state of the connection.
ConsoleAppenderRepresents an appender for console output.
ContactRepresents contact information.
ContactFieldsSetEnumerates the groups of Contact fields that will be included in resultant mhtml file.
ContactGroupCollectionRepresents collection of GmailContactGroup objects
ContactLoadFormatEnumerates contact load formats
ContactPhotoRepresents contact photo.
ContactQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression that used by Exchange protocol.
ContactSaveFormatEnumerates contact save formats
ContactSaveOptionsRepresents the base contact save options
ContentClassTypeRepresents the content class of item.
ContentDispositionRepresents a Content-Disposition header.
ContentTypeRepresents a Content-Type header.
CurrentThreadSettingsAuxiliary class that allows to define default Locale for current thread
CustomAttachmentStorageRepresents custom attachment storage.
CustomerEventRepresents an event.
DKIMHashAlgorithmRepresents DKIM hash algorithm.
DKIMSignatureInfoRepresents DKIM signature information.
DSNActionIndicates the action performed by the Reporting-MTA as a result of its attempt to deliver the message.
DailyRecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern of daily recurrence type.
DataColumnDataColumn class.
DataColumnCollectionDataColumnCollection class.
DataColumnMappingDataColumnMapping class.
DataColumnMappingCollectionDataColumnMappingCollection class.
DataRowDataRow class.
DataRowCollectionDataRowCollection class.
DataTableDataTable class.
DateCollectionRepresents a collection of java.util.Date values.
DateComparisonFieldRepresents the date search field.
DateComparisonTypeSpecifies a type of comparison
DateRangeRepresents the date range
DayPositionDay positions, typically found in a month.
DebugAppenderRepresents an appender is only enabled when debugging.
DebugFormatterRepresents the class for formatting log entry messages.
DeleteTaskOptionsEnumerates delete task options.
DeletionOptionsDefines parameters for item deletion
DeletionTypeType of deletion
DeliveryNotificationOptionsSpecifies delivery notifications.
DeliveryServiceClientFactoryRepresents the to create DeliveryServiceClient
DeliveryServiceOptionsOptions to set the DeliveryServiceClient parameters.
DeliveryServiceResponseRepresents the DeliveryService client response
DispositionTypeNamesRepresents the disposition type names.
DomainValidatingEventArgsProvides data for the DomainValidating event.
DomainValidatingEventHandlerRepresents the event handler for DomainValidatingEvent.
DoubleComparisonFieldRepresents the double search field.
ESearchOptionsESEARCH Result Options This method works only if server supports ESEARCH extension.
EWSClientProvides access to MS Exchange Server by using Exchange Web Services (EWS).
ElementProcessingExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of many elements failed with exception.
EmailAddressRepresents an email address
EmailAddressCategoryRepresents category for an email address
EmailAddressListList of email addresses for a contact
EmailClientRepresents the client that creates server connection by using the host credentials.
EmailValidatorEmailValidator class provides the capability to validate e-mail addresses.
EmlLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Eml format.
EmlSaveOptionsAllows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Eml and Emlx format.
EmlValidationErrorRepresents the eml validation error information.
EmlValidationErrorCollectionRepresents the collection of EmlValidationError
EmlValidationErrorTypeEnumerates the types of the eml validation errors.
EmlxLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Eml format.
EmptyFolderOptionsEnumerates the empty folder options
EncryptionProtocolsDefines the possible versions of encryption protocols.
EndTypeSpecifies how the recurrence rule ends.
EnumComparisonFieldRepresents the enum search field.
ErrorDetailsError informnation
EventCategoryRepresents category for an event
EventListList of events for a contact
EventTypesSpecifies event type
ExceptionManagerProvides the ability to ignore exceptions.
ExchangeAdvancedSyntaxMailQueryRepresents the search criteria, that are used to match several message properties in the mailbox.
ExchangeAdvancedSyntaxQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression based on the Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) that used by Exchange protocol.
ExchangeAttachmentInfoRepresents an attachment information transmitted over exchange protocols
ExchangeAttachmentInfoCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeAttachmentInfo
ExchangeBasePermissionProvides abstract base class for permissions to folders on Exchange Server.
ExchangeCalendarEventRepresents the event in the user’s calendar
ExchangeCalendarEventCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeCalendarEvent
ExchangeCalendarPermissionRepresents a permission on a calendar folder.
ExchangeCalendarPermissionLevelSpecifies the permission level that a user has on a calendar folder.
ExchangeCalendarPermissionReadAccessSspecifies whether a user has permission to read items in a folder.
ExchangeClientThe ExchangeClient class allows applications to manage E-Mail box in Microsoft Exchange Server by using WebDav Exchange Store Protocol.
ExchangeClientBaseProvides the abstract base class to MS Exchange Server access.
ExchangeConversationRepresents a single conversation.
ExchangeConversationFlagStatusEnumerates the flag status for conversation.
ExchangeDelegateFolderPermissionLevelEnumerates the permissions levels which a delegate user can have on folder
ExchangeDelegateOptionsEnumerates delegation options
ExchangeDelegatePermissionsRepresents the folder permissions for the delegate user
ExchangeDelegateUserRepresents a user who is granted access to the principal mailbox
ExchangeDelegateUserCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeDelegateUser
ExchangeDistributionListRepresents a Distribution List properties
ExchangeExceptionThrown if there is a MS Exchange communication failure.
ExchangeFolderInfoProvides information about an MS Exchange folder.
ExchangeFolderInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of ExchangeMessageInfo objects.
ExchangeFolderPageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
ExchangeFolderPermissionRepresents a permission on a folder.
ExchangeFolderPermissionActionDefines which items in a folder a user has permission to edit or delete.
ExchangeFolderPermissionCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeFolderPermission
ExchangeFolderPermissionLevelSpecifies the permission level that a user has on a folder.
ExchangeFolderPermissionReadAccessSspecifies whether a user has permission to read items in a folder.
ExchangeFolderTypeEnumerates the distinguished folder types.
ExchangeFolderUserInfoRepresents a user who has folder access permissions
ExchangeFolderUserTypeEnumerates the distinguished user accounts
ExchangeListContactsOptionsEnumerates the list contacts options
ExchangeListMessagesOptionsEnumerates the list messages options
ExchangeMailboxInfoRepresents the mail box information of an exchange server.
ExchangeMessageFlagRepresents a flags of message.
ExchangeMessageInfoThe ExchangeMessageInfo represents the E-Mail message info fetched from the Exchange Store.
ExchangeMessageInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of ExchangeMessageInfo objects.
ExchangeMessagePageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
ExchangePermissionCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeBasePermission
ExchangeQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression based on search filters that used by Exchange protocol.
ExchangeStreamedItemRepresents the item received in ExportItems response
ExchangeTaskRepresents the exchange task information.
ExchangeTaskStatusEnumerates the task statuses.
ExchangeUploadItemResultRepresents a result of updating or creating a streamed item
ExchangeUserAvailabilityRepresents user availability information
ExchangeUserAvailabilityCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeUserAvailability
ExchangeUserBusynessEnumerates the user free/busy statuses
ExchangeUserWorkingHoursRepresents the user working hours.
ExchangeUserWorkingHoursCollectionRepresents the collection of ExchangeUserWorkingHours
ExchangeVersionExchange server versions
ExtendedCalendarA set of extended metadata, such as a colors, for a single calendar.
ExtendedPropertiesComparisonFieldDefines dictionary with pairs of property descriptors and comparison field to search by extended properties
FailedMailMessageEventArgsProvides data for the MessageSending and MessageSent events.
FailureItemIndicates the item type that retrieval failed during the traversal.
FailureTypeIndicates the failure type.
FetchTimeoutExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a message can not be read within the specified time.
FileAccessViolationExceptionThis exception wile be thrown when the file open and locked by another caller.
FileAppenderReprensents a file appender.
FileAsMappingSpecifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change.
FileCompatibilityModeDefines inner conversions, that are necessarily to be done when loading or saving a message.
FileCorruptedExceptionException that is thrown during file reading, when the file appears to be corrupted and impossible to read.
FileFormatSpecifies the file format used to store messages, calendar events, and other items.
FileFormatInfoContains data returned by FileFormatUtil file format detection methods.
FileFormatTypeEnumerates file format types.
FileFormatUtilProvides utility methods to detect file type.
FileFormatVersionRepresents version of file.
FindMessageTrackingReportOptionsRepresents options for FindMessageTrackingReport operation
FlaggedForActionEnumerates flagged for action
FolderCreationOptionsRepresents the options for creating a subfolder in the Outlook PST message store.
FolderInfoRepresents information about personal folder in PST.
FolderInfoCollectionRepresents collection of FolderInfo.
FolderKindRepresents the different kinds of pst folders.
FollowUpManagerProvides the ability to set and handle follow-up Outlook flags and categories.
FollowUpOptionsRepresents options for using follow-up flags and reminders in a message.
FormFieldDescribe one field of form.
FormMethodThe method tells the server about the request method.
FormTargetIndicates where to display the form response after submitting the form.
FormatNotSupportedExceptionException that is thrown during document load, when the document format is not recognized or not supported by the component.
FormatterRepresents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
ForwardMessageBuilderProvides creation and formatting the forwarding messages.
FreebusyCalendarInfoDefines list of free/busy information for specified calendar.
FreebusyGroupInfoSpecifies list of calendars that are members of the groups.
FreebusyQueryRequest free/busy information for a set of calendars.
FreebusyResponseFreebusy response
FrequencySpecifies frequency of the recurrence rule.
GadgetA gadget that extends this event.
GenderEnum defines gender of a person
GetMailTipsOptionsRepresents options for GetMailTips
GetMessageTrackingReportOptionsRepresents options for GetMessageTrackingReport operation
GetUserSettingsResponseRepresents the response to a GetUsersSettings call for an individual user.
GetUserSettingsResponseCollectionRepresents a collection of responses to GetUserSettings
GlobalFormattingOptionsClass that allow to set some formatting options for all newly created instances of this options.
GmailClientBase class for Gmail client
GoogleClientExceptionRepresents errors that occur during ActiveSync protocol execution.
GoogleContactGroupRepresents a group which owns the contact
GraphClientProvides access to MS Exchange Server (Office365) by using REST API.
GraphFolderInfoRepresents information about personal folder.
GraphFolderInfoCollectionRepresents collection of GraphFolderInfo.
GraphKnownFoldersWell-known folders
GraphMessageInfoThe MessageInfo represents the server item info fetched from the Graph service.
GraphMessageInfoCollectionRepresents collection of GraphMessageInfo.
GraphMessagePageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
GraphQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression based on search filters that used by MS Graph protocol.
HeaderCollectionDefines the collection of header fields
HeaderListColection with name of headers that are included in the DKIM signature.
HeaderTypeRepresents the Internet standards and RFCs define header fields which may occur on Internet Mail Messages .
HeadersFormattingOptionsAllows to specify headers formatting options when saving MailMessage to Mhtml or Html format.
HtmlFormatOptionsEnumerates the Html format options.
HtmlLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Html format.
HtmlSaveOptionsAllows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Html format.
HttpAuthenticationMethodsThe authentication methods supported by the HTTP proxy
HttpProxyHTTP proxy client.
ICommandDefines a command.
IDataReaderIDataReader class
Identity The Identity resource represents an identity of an actor.
IdentitySet The IdentitySet resource is a keyed collection of identity resources.
ImapAttachmentInfoRepresents an attachment information.
ImapAttachmentInfoCollectionRepresents the collection of ImapAttachmentInfo
ImapClientAllows applications to access and manipulate messages by using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
ImapCommandResultEnumerates the imap command results.
ImapExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the ImapClient is not able to complete an operation.
ImapFolderInfoRepresents an IMAP folder.
ImapFolderInfoCollectionProvides a container for a collection of ImapFolderInfo objects.
ImapFolderInfoCollectionBaseProvides a container for a collection of ImapFolderInfo objects
ImapIdentificationInfoRepresents class-container with identification information to exchange between mail client and server.
ImapListFieldsFields that may be retrieved from the server
ImapMailboxInfoContains set of special-use mailboxes
ImapMessageFlagsRepresents the flags associated with the message.
ImapMessageInfoRepresents a Imap message object.
ImapMessageInfoCollectionProvides a container for a collection of ImapMessageInfo objects
ImapMessageInfoCollectionBaseProvides a container for a collection of ImapMessageInfo objects
ImapMonitoringErrorEventArgsClass contains monitoring error event data.
ImapMonitoringErrorEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an imap monitoring error event
ImapMonitoringEventArgsClass contains monitoring event data.
ImapMonitoringEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an imap monitoring event
ImapNamespaceRepresents IMAP namespace More details:
ImapNamespaceTypeRepresents IMAP namespace type More details:
ImapPageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
ImapQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression that used by IMAP protocol.
ImapQuotaContains information about quota for mailbox resource.
ImapQuotaRootContains information about quota root for mailbox resource.
ImapRestoreSettingsThe settings for the ImapClient.Restore method
ImapRestoreSettingsAsyncThe settings for the ImapClient.Restore async method.
ImapSpecialFolderTypesRepresents enumeration of special-use mailboxes More details see in RFC6154
ImapStatusCodeRepresents the status responses.
ImportanceChoicesEnumerates the levels of importance for an item
InboxRuleRepresents a inbox rule
InlineAttachmentExtractorProvides ability to extract files from MSO packages.
InstantMessengerAddressRepresents an instant messanger address.
InstantMessengerCategoryRepresents category for an instant messenger address
InstantMessengerListList of instant messenger addresses for a contact.
IntComparisonFieldRepresents the integer search field.
ItemCallbackArgsItemCallbackArgs contains item being processed.
ItemChoiceSpecifies property type which should be used for Exchange impersonation.
ItemMovedEventArgsProvides data for the FolderInfo.#ItemMovedDelegate event
ItemMovedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an FolderInfo.#ItemMovedDelegate event.
KnownFoldersSpecifies the known Exchange server folders.
KnownPropertyListThe read-only Master Property List provides implementers with a single source of information about all the properties that are described by the specifications that comprise the Exchange Server Protocols documentation (MS-OXPROPS).
KnownPropertySets[MS-OXCDATA]: Commonly Used Property Sets
LayoutTypeThe layout attribute gives you easy, per-element control over how your element should render on screen.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LinkedResourceRepresents an embedded resource in a message.
LinkedResourceCollectionRepresents a collection of LinkedResource objects
ListFoldersOptionsThe folder list selection options Please note, this options are supported in case if server supports RFC 5258 “IMAP LIST Command Extensions” See more details in
ListFoldersReturnOptionsReturn options for ListFolders operation Please note, this options are supported in case if server supports RFC 5258 “IMAP LIST Command Extensions” See more details in
LoadOptionsThis is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when loading a MailMessage from a particular format.
LocaleOptionsLocaleOptions type specifies locale configuration for Aspose.Email.
LogEntryRepresents a log message.
LogLevelDefines available log levels.
LoggerProvides the logging functionality.
LoggerManagerStatic manager that controls the creation of loggers.
LoggingExceptionThe exception that is thrown when error is found in logging.
LongComparisonFieldRepresents the Int64 search field.
MSBusyStatusSpecifies the BUSY status of an appointment.
MSImportanceSpecifies the importance of an appointment.
MSIntendedStatusSpecifies the INTENDED status of an appointment.
MailAddressRepresents the address of a message.
MailAddressCollectionRepresents a collection of MailAddress objects.
MailConversionOptionsSpecify additional options when converting from MapiMessage to MailMessage.
MailExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the mail message processing.
MailMessageRepresents an e-mail message.
MailMessageCollectionRepresents a collection of MailMessage objects.
MailMessageEventArgsProvides data for the MessageSending and MessageSent events.
MailMessageSaveTypeRepresents the mail message format.It can be in eml,msg or mhtml format.
MailQueryRepresents the search criteria, that are used to match several message properties in the mailbox.
MailQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression.
MailServerValidatingEventArgsProvides data for the MailServerValidatingEvent event.
MailServerValidatingEventHandlerRepresents the event handler for MailServerValidatingEvent.
MailStorageConverterMail storage converter provides services for storage conversion operations.
MailStorageConverter.MailHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an event that occurs after successfully reading a message from the Mbox and before adding it to Pst.
MailTipsRepresents values for the Mail Tips
MailTipsTypeEnumerates the types of mail tips
MailboxConverterProvides mailbox conversion routines.
MailboxInfoRepresents identification information about message in a mailbox.
MailgunClientRepresents the Mailgun client
MailgunClientOptionsOptions to set the MailgunClient parameters.
MailgunRegionRepresents the Mailgun Region
MapiAttachmentRepresents the attachment in the E-mail message.
MapiAttachmentCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiAttachment objects.
MapiAttachmentPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream of attachment object.
MapiCalendarRepresents the mapi calendar object
MapiCalendarAttendeesRepresents the mapi calendar attendees
MapiCalendarBusyStatusEnumerates the mapi calendar possible busy status
MapiCalendarClientIntentEnumerates the actions the user can taken on the Meeting object
MapiCalendarDailyRecurrencePatternRepresents the daily recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarDayOfWeekEnumerates the days of week of the mapi calendar recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarEventRecurrenceRepresents the recurrence properties of calendar object
MapiCalendarExceptionInfoAn exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series.
MapiCalendarMonthlyNthRecurrencePatternRepresents the monthly nth recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarMonthlyRecurrencePatternRepresents the monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarOverrideFlagsSpecifies what data in the MapiCalendarOverrideFlags structure has a value different from the recurring series.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceCalendarTypeEnumerated the calendar type of the mapi recurrence
MapiCalendarRecurrenceEndTypeEnumerates the ending type for the recurrence.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceFrequencyEnumerates mapi calendar recurrence frequency
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternRepresents the mapi recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternFactoryRepresents the factory of MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternTypeEnumerates the mapi calendar recurrence pattern types
MapiCalendarStateEnumerates the appointment state
MapiCalendarTimeZoneRepresents the mapi calendar time zone information
MapiCalendarTimeZoneFlagsEnumerates the individual bit flags that specify information about TimeZoneRule
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfoRepresents the mapi calendar time zone rule
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfo
MapiCalendarTimeZoneRuleRepresents time zone rule that indicate when to begin using the Standard/Daylight time.
MapiCalendarWeeklyRecurrencePatternRepresents the weekly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarYearlyAndMonthlyRecurrencePatternRepresents the yearly and monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiContactRepresents outlook contact information
MapiContactAddressBase abstract class for MapiContactElectronicAddress and MapiContactPhysicalAddress.
MapiContactCollectionRepresents the collection of MapiContact
MapiContactElectronicAddressRefers to the group of properties that define the e-mail address or fax address for a contact.
MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySetSpecify properties for up to three different e-mail addresses (Email1, Email2, and Email3) and three different fax addresses (Primary Fax, Business Fax, and Home Fax)
MapiContactEventPropertySetSpecify events associated with a contact
MapiContactGenderGender of the contact
MapiContactNamePropertySetThe properties are used to specify the name of the person represented by the contact
MapiContactOtherPropertySetThe properties are used to specify additional properies of contact.
MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySetSpecify other additional contact information
MapiContactPhotoContains data and type of contact’s photo.
MapiContactPhotoImageFormatEnumerates MapiContact photo image format.
MapiContactPhysicalAddressRefers to the group of properties that define physical address for a contact.
MapiContactPhysicalAddressPropertySetSpecify three physical addresses: Home Address, Work Address, and Other Address.
MapiContactProfessionalPropertySetProperties are used to store professional details for the person represented by the contact
MapiContactPropertySetBase class for all sets of MapiContact properties.
MapiContactSaveOptionsSpecifies the contact save options.
MapiContactTelephonePropertySetSpecify optional telephone numbers for the contact
MapiConversionOptionsThis class allows the user to specify additional options when converting from MailMessage to MapiMessage.
MapiDistributionListRepresents the Personal Distribution List object.
MapiDistributionListContactAddressTypeRepresents the address type of a personal distribution list member.
MapiDistributionListEntryIdTypeSpecifies the type of EntryID.
MapiDistributionListMemberRepresents the members of the personal distribution list.
MapiDistributionListMemberCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiDistributionListMember objects.
MapiDistributionListSaveOptionsSpecifies the DistributionList save options.
MapiElectronicAddressRefers to the group of properties that define the e-mail address or fax address.
MapiGuidConstantsContains several guid constants defined by MSG format specification.
MapiImportanceContains a values that indicates the message importance.
MapiItemTypeRepresents a MAPI item type that can be explicitly converted into an object of the corresponding class derived from the IMapiMessageItem interface.
MapiJournalRepresents the Outlook Journal object.
MapiJournalDocumentStatusIndicates the status of document.
MapiJournalFlagsContains metadata about the Journal object.
MapiMessageRepresents an Outlook Message format document that can be parsed.
MapiMessageItemBaseRepresents the base class for all MapiMessageItem classes and keeps common collections of mapi properties, attachments, recipients.
MapiMessageParseExceptionThis exception is thrown when errors occur in parsing MapiMessage.
MapiMessagePropertyStreamRepresents the property stream.
MapiMessageReaderRepresents a reader that can read a Microsoft Outlook Message format document.
MapiNamedPropertyRepresents the data type of Named Property.
MapiNamedPropertyMappingStorageRepresents the named property mapping
MapiNoteRepresents outlook Note object (“sticky note”)
MapiObjectPropertyRepresents a Custom object included in Outlook Message documents.
MapiObjectTypeRepresents the mapi object type.
MapiPropertyRepresents the mapi property.
MapiPropertyCollectionRepresents the collection of MapiProperty items.
MapiPropertyContainerRepresents the base class for MapiAttachment, MapiRecipient, MapiMessage.
MapiPropertyFlagsRepresents flags which can be set on a MAPI property.
MapiPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream.
MapiPropertyTagRepresents the MAPI property tags definition.
MapiPropertyTypeRepresents the data type of MapiProperty data.
MapiRecipientRepresents the recipient information in the Microsoft Outlook Message.
MapiRecipientCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiRecipient objects.
MapiRecipientPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream of recipient object.
MapiRecipientTrackStatusRepresents the response status returned by the attendee.
MapiRecipientTypeRepresent the PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE property which contains the recipient type for a message recipient.
MapiSensitivityContains a values that indicates the message sensitivity.
MapiTaskRepresents the Outlook Task object.
MapiTaskAcceptanceStateIndicates the acceptance state of the task.
MapiTaskFlagsContains indication flags of the Task object.
MapiTaskHistoryIndicates the type of change that was last made to the Task object.
MapiTaskModeRepresents the assignment statuses of the task object.
MapiTaskOwnershipIndicates the role of the current user relative to the Task object.
MapiTaskPriorityRepresents the priority on the task.
MapiTaskStateIndicates the assignment state of the Task object.
MapiTaskStatusRepresents the statuses of the user’s progress on the task.
MapiTaskUsersRepresents information about task users.
MapiTypeContains possible MAPI property types which can be stored with message object.
MboxLoadOptionsSpecifies additional options when loading a Mbox storage.
MboxMessageInfoRepresents an information about message in the MBOX storage.
MboxStorageReaderA base class for any mbox-based mail storage reader.
MboxStorageWriterA base class for any mbox-based mail storage writer.
MboxToPstConversionOptionsThis class allows the user to specify additional options when converting from Mbox to PST.
MboxoStorageReaderRepresents mboxo format storage reader, this format is being used by Eudora.
MboxrdStorageReaderRepresents mboxrd format storage reader, this format is being used by Thunderbird and other mail clients.
MboxrdStorageWriterRepresents mboxrd format storage writer, this format is being used by Thunderbird and other mail clients.
MediaTypeNamesSpecifies the media type names for an e-mail message.
MediaTypeNames.ApplicationSpecifies the kind of application data in an e-mail message attachment.
MediaTypeNames.ImageSpecifies the type of image data in an e-mail message attachment.
MediaTypeNames.TextSpecifies the type of text data in an e-mail message attachment.
MessageAcceptanceCallbackCallback function which is being called during the conversion process.
MessageAddedEventArgsProvides data for the FolderInfo.#MessageAddedDelegate event
MessageAddedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an FolderInfo.#MessageAddedDelegate event.
MessageFormatRepresents the mail message format.It can be in eml,msg or mhtml format.
MessageInfoRepresents information about message in PST.
MessageInfoBaseThe MessageInfo represents the E-Mail message info fetched from the mail server.
MessageInfoCollectionRepresents the collection of MessageInfo.
MessageInfoTypeEnumerates the message types.
MessageKindRepresents the different kinds of messages in pst.
MessageObjectRepresents an Outlook message object.
MessageObjectAttachmentEntityRepresents an attachment entity.
MessageObjectAttachmentsCollectionRepresents a collection for MessageObjectAttachmentEntity objects.
MessageObjectLoadFormatRepresents available formats MessageObject could be loaded from.
MessageObjectPropertiesCollectionRepresents a keyed collection for MessageObjectProperty objects.
MessageObjectPropertyRepresents a property on a MessageObject.
MessageObjectRecipientEntityRepresens a recipient entry in message object.
MessageObjectRecipientsCollectionRepresents a collection for MessageObjectRecipientEntity objects.
MessageObjectSaveFormatRepresents available formats MessageObject could be saved to.
MessageStoreMessage store is the root of the PST, which is the rough equivalent of the top of a Mailbox.
MessageThreadResultContains result for SORT ot THREAD methods See more:
MessageTrackingReportRepresents the information to be included in the report.
MessageTrackingReportInfoRepresents an information about the message that was found by using the FindMessageTrackingReport
MessageTrackingReportTemplateEnumerates the types of report to display.
MessageValidationErrorRepresents the message validation error information.
MessageValidationErrorTypeEnumerates the types of the message validation errors.
MessageValidationResultRepresents the result of message validation.
MessageValidatorThe message validator.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MhtFormatOptionsEnumerates the Mht format options
MhtSaveOptionsAllows to specify additional options when saving MailMessage to Mhtml format.
MhtTemplateNameDefines well known names of headers for Mhtml formatting.
MhtTemplateName.ContactDefines well known names of headers of Contact for Mhtml formatting.
MhtTemplateName.TaskDefines well known names of headers of Task for Mhtml formatting.
MhtmlLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Mhtml format.
MimeExceptionProvides information about MIME errors
MimeHeaderRepresents the mime header defined in RFC 2822.
MimeItemCopyEventArgsRepresents event arguments related to a copying of a MailMessage object from one storage to another, either before the copy begins or after it is complete.
MimeItemCopyEventHandlerRepresents a delegate for handling events related to the copying of Mime items, typically used in scenarios where a MailMessage object is copied from one storage to another.
ModificationSequenceFieldDefines set of values for selected field to search.
MonthlyRecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern of monthly recurrence type.
MsgLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Msg format.
MsgSaveOptionsThis class allows the user to specify additional settings when saving a MailMessage in the Msg(ASCII) and Msg(Unicode) format.
MultiConnectionModeEnumerate modes which indicates how client has to use multiple connections for heavy loaded operations.
NameValuePairAn extended property.
NamedPropertyKindIdentifies MessageObjectProperty kind.
NetworkExceptionThrown if there is a network connection failure.
NewStorageEventArgsRepresents arguments used in events that are raised after a new storage file is created or after it is processed.
NewStorageEventHandlerRepresents a delegate for handling events that occur after a new storage file is created or processed.
NoteColorSpecifies the suggested background color of the Note object
NoteSaveFormatEnumerates NoteSaveFormat
Notebook A OneNote notebook.
NotebookCollectionRepresents collection of Notebook.
NotebookLinks Links for opening a OneNote notebook.
NotesStorageFacilityThe Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database file is used by (IBM) Lotus Notes and Domino to store different kind of objects like e-mail, appointments and documents, but also application forms and views.
NotificationMethodThe method used by this notification.
NotificationTypeThe type of notification.
NsfLoadOptionsSpecifies additional options when loading a NSF storage.
NullAppenderRepresents a do-nothing appender.
OAuthNetworkCredentialRepresents the NetworkCredential for OAuth authentication.
OAuthTokenContains OAuth token data such like token value, token type, expiration date.
ObjectDisposedExceptionRepresents errors that occur when an operation canceled.
ObjectIdentifierContains object identification information
OleDocumentFormatRepresents the format for OLE document.
OlmFolderRepresents folder information in OLM storage.
OlmMessageInfoRepresents an information about message in the OLM storage.
OlmStorageRepresents Outlook for Mac storage (.OLM) file.
OnenoteOperationThe status of certain long-running OneNote operations.
OperationCanceledExceptionRepresents errors that occur when an operation canceled.
OriginalMessageAdditionModeWay to include the original message in response message.
OutOfOfficeMailTipRepresents OOF mail tip
OutlookCategoryRepresents a category by which a user can group Outlook items such as messages and events.
OutlookMessageFormatRepresents outlook message format.
PageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
PageSettingsThe settings for the ImapClient.ListMessagesByPage method
PageSettingsAsyncThe settings for the ImapClient.BeginListMessagesByPage async method.
ParticipationStatusIdentifies the participation status for the calendar user.
PemReaderPEM format reader.
PersonalStorageRepresents Personal Storage Table (.pst) file.
PersonalStorageLoadOptionsSpecifies additional options when loading a PST storage.
PersonalStorageQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression that used by pst.
PhoneCallStatePhone call statuses.
PhoneNumberRepresents a phone number.
PhoneNumberCategoryRepresents category for a phone number
PhoneNumberListList of phone numbers for a contact.
PidLidPropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PidNamePropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PidTagPropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PipeliningModeDefines how mail client supports the pipelining
PipeliningStatusDefines pipelining status for mail client.
Pop3ClientAllows applications to access and manipulate messages by using the Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3).
Pop3ExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the Pop3Client is not able to complete an operation.
Pop3ListFieldsFields that may be retrieved from the server
Pop3MailboxInfoRepresents the status of the mailbox.
Pop3MessageInfoThe Pop3MessageInfo represents the E-Mail message info fetched from the Pop3 server.
Pop3MessageInfoCollectionRepresents the information of a mail message from Pop3 server.
PostalAddressRepresents a postal address.
PostalAddressCategoryRepresents category for a postal address
PostalAddressListList of postal addresses for a contact.
ProgressEventHandlerInfoThis class represents information about conversion progress that can be used in external applicatuion to show conversion progress to end user.
ProgressEventTypeType of progress event that occured.
PropertyDataType[MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures
PropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
ProxyBase proxy client.
QueryFieldBase class for query fields.
RangeTime range during which calendar should be regarded as busy.
RangeSeqSetContainer with range of values to search.
ReadLinesTimeoutExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a response from server can not be read within the specified time.
RecipientTrackingEventRepresents details for a specific event in the tracking report.
RecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRuleRepresents one recurrence or exception rule in a recurrence pattern.
RecurrenceRuleCollectionRepresents a collection of RecurrenceRule objects.
ReferenceAttachmentThis class represents a reference attachment
ReminderActionDefines the action to be invoked when an alarm is triggered.
ReminderAttachmentProvides the capability to associate a document object with an alarm.
ReminderAttachmentCollectionContains collection of ReminderAttachment ReminderAttachmentobjects.
ReminderAttendeeDefines an “Attendee” within a alarm.
ReminderAttendeeCollectionContains collection of ReminderAttendee ReminderAttendeeobjects.
ReminderDurationUsed to identify properties that contain a duration of time.
ReminderMethodsThe method used by this reminder.
ReminderRelatedSpecify the relationship of the alarm trigger with respect to the start or end of the event.
ReminderTriggerSpecifies when an alarm will trigger.
RemindersInformation about the event’s reminders for the authenticated user.
ReplyBodyRepresents the OOF message response.
ReplyMessageBuilderProvides creation and formatting the replying messages.
ResourceHtmlRenderingEventArgsRepresents additional parameters for ResourceHtmlRendering event.
ResourceHtmlRenderingHandlerProvides customization of rendering resources in html.
ResourceRenderingModeProvides set various modes of rendering resources in html.
ResourceTypeThe resource in Microsoft Graph that you’re referencing.
ResponseMessageBuilderProvides creation and formatting the forwarding and replying messages.
RestoreOptionsEnumerates restore options
RestoreSettingsThe settings for the IEWSClient.Restore method
RuleActionsRepresents the set of actions that are available to a rule.
RulePredicateFlagsRepresents the RulePredicate flags
RulePredicatesRepresents rule predicate
SSPIExceptionRepresents errors that occur during SSPI execution.
SaveOptionsThis is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when saving a MailMessage into a particular format.
SaveResourceHandlerRepresents the handler for HtmlSaveOptions.SaveResourceHandler
SaveResultRepresents the result of saving the retrieved item.
SaveStatusRepresents the status of saving the retrieved message.
SearchItemTypeProvides the item type values to limit search results to only a specific type of item.
SectionElement of AmpAccordion.
SectionHeaderRepresents the heading for the section
SectionHeaderTypeRepresents the type of heading for the section.
SectionValueRepresents the content of the section.
SecureEmailManagerClass that provided methods for working with secure emails.
SecurityOptionsSecurity mode for a mail client
SendGridClientRepresents the SendGrid client
SendGridClientOptionsOptions to set the SendGridClient parameters.
SendMessagesResultContains result of operation with messages
SensitivityChoicesEnumerates the sensitivity level types that are available for an item.
SentItemEventArgsContaining data for SentItem event.
SequenceSetBaseValueBase class for different containers for values to search.
SequenceSetFieldDefines set of values for selected field to search.
ServerNotificationEventArgsContains event data for server notification.
ServicePointManagerManages the collection of ServicePoint objects.
SignatureOptionsThis class allow the user to specify additional options when sign a message.
SimpleFormatterRepresents the default implementation of IFormatter interface.
SimpleSeqSetSimple container for value to search.
SizeRangeRepresents the size range
SmimeResultThis class containing results of checking secure emails.
SmtpClientAllows applications to send messages by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
SmtpDeliveryMethodSmtp delivery method
SmtpExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the SmtpClient is not able to complete an operation.
SmtpFailedRecipientExceptionRepresents the exception which arises when the specified recipient is wrong
SmtpFailedRecipientsExceptionSummary description for SmtpFailedRecipientsException.
SmtpStatusCodeSmtp status codes
SocksAuthenticationMethodsThe authentication methods supported by the SOCKS protocol
SocksProxySOCKS proxy client.
SocksVersionVersions of the SOCKS protocol
SortConditionsProvides the search conditions for the SORT extension.
SortingKeySort criterias for “SORT” command See more:
SpamAnalyzerClass which allows applications to detect spam e-mails with self-learning Bayesian filter.
StandardFormatterRepresents the class for formatting log entry messsages.
StandardIpmFolderRepresents a standard interpersonal message (IPM) folders.
StorageProcessedEventArgsProvides data for the PersonalStorage.#StorageProcessedDelegate event
StorageProcessedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an PersonalStorage.#StorageProcessedDelegate event.
StorageProcessingEventArgsProvides data for the PersonalStorage.#StorageProcessingDelegate event
StorageProcessingEventHandlerEvent handler for the StoragePreProcessing.
StringComparisonFieldRepresents the string search field.
SyncFolderResultResult for SyncFolder operation
SyncFolderTypeFolder synchronization types
SyncStateSynchronization object for folder synchronization operation.
SyntaxValidatingEventArgsProvides data for the SyntaxValidating event.
SyntaxValidatingEventHandlerRepresents the event handler for SyntaxValidatingEvent.
TIPMethodDefines the iTIP (iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol) methods associated with an object.
TaskRepresents the exchange task information.
TaskCollectionRepresents a collection of Task objects.
TaskRegeneratingPatternRepresents the regenerating recurrence pattern that specifies how many days, weeks, months or years after the completion of the current task the next occurrence will be due.
TaskRegeneratingTypeEnumerates the types of regenerating pattern.
TaskSaveFormatEnumerates TaskSaveFormat
TemplateEngineThis class uses specified template to construct E-Mail messages.
TemplateRoutineRepresents the routine used in the template file.
TextFormatDefines format of a text.
TgzReaderThe mailbox items reader of Zimbra tgz storage.
ThreadSearchConditionsProvides the search conditions to retrieve email thread.
Thumbnail The thumbnail resource type represents a thumbnail for an image, video, document, or any item that has a bitmap representation.
ThumbnailSet The ThumbnailSet resource is a keyed collection of thumbnail resources.
TimeoutExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the time for operation has expired.
TimeoutReachedHandlerRaised if timed out while saving.
TnefLoadOptionsAllows to specify additional options when loading MailMessage from Tnef format.
TokenProviderClass TokenProvider allows to retrieve access token for mail services.
TokenProvider.GoogleProvides an instance of the TokenProvider for Google mail server
TokenProvider.OutlookProvides an instance of the TokenProvider for Outlook mail server
TokenTypeDefines OAuth token types
TransferEncodingSpecifies the Content-Transfer-Encoding header information.
TraversalAsposeExceptionRepresents the exception that can occur when traversing a storage.
TraversalExceptionsCallbackRepresents the callback method that handles the exceptions during storage traversal.
TraversalFailureKindRepresents the kind of failure that can occur when traversing a storage.
UnifiedMessagingConfigurationUnified messaging configuration
UpdateSettingsUpdate settings
UpdateTaskOptionsEnumerates update task options.
UrlObjects represents a URL and its category.
UrlCategoryRepresents category for a URL
UrlListList of urls for contact
UserConfigurationRepresents user configuration
UserConfigurationNameRepresents user configuration name
UserRoleOneNote user role
UserSettingErrorRepresents an error from a GetUserSettings request.
UserSettingNameUser settings that can be requested using GetUserSettings.
VCardAgentRepresents a vCard Agent property
VCardContactRepresents a vCard contact
VCardDeliveryAddressRepresents a vCard delivery address
VCardDeliveryAddressCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardDeliveryAddresses
VCardDeliveryAddressTypeEnumerates a vCard delivery address types
VCardEmailRepresents vCard email
VCardEmailCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardEmails
VCardEmailTypeEnumerates vCard email types
VCardExplanatoryInfoRepresents vCard explanatory properties
VCardFullNameRepresents vCard contact full name (N property)
VCardGeoRepresents a global positioning of vCard contact
VCardIdentificationInfoRepresents vCard identification information
VCardLabelTo specify the formatted text corresponding to delivery address of the object the vCard represents.
VCardLabelCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardLabel
VCardOrganizationRepresents vCard organization properties
VCardPhotoRepresents vCard photo property
VCardPhotoTypeEnumerates vCard photo type
VCardSaveOptionsRepresents vCard save options
VCardSecurityRepresents a vCard security properties
VCardSoundRepresents a vCard sound property
VCardSoundTypeEnumerates a cVard sound types
VCardTelephoneNumberRepresents a vCard telephone number
VCardTelephoneNumberCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardTelephoneNumbers
VCardTelephoneTypeEnumerates a vCard telephone types
VCardUrlRepresents a vCard URL property
VCardUrlCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardUrls
VCardUrlTypeEnumerates url type
VCardValueLocationEnumerates the vCard property parameter ValueLocation.
VCardVersionEnumerates vCard version
ValidationPolicyPresents the policy of validating email address.
ValidationResponseCodeRepresents the response status of the mail validating process.
ValidationResultPresent the result of the email validating process.
WebDavContactSaveOptionsSpecifies the contact save options.
WeeklyRecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern of weekly recurrence type.
XGMThreadSearchConditionsProvides the search conditions to retrieve email thread.
YearlyRecurrencePatternRepresents a recurrence pattern of yearly recurrence type.


BindIPEndPointHandlerUse the BindIPEndPointHandler if you need to use a specific local endpoint.
ConversionProgressEventHandlerRepresents signature for method that usually supplied by calling side and handles progress events.
HyperlinkRenderingCallbackProvides possibility to handle rendering of hyperlink in custom style.
IAppenderImplement this interface for your own strategies for printing log entries.
IAsyncResultExtRepresents the extended status of an asynchronous operation.
IAttachmentRepresents a common attachment interface
IBaseGmailClientInterface for base class of Gmail client
IConnectionIConnectionAdapter allows to manage connection to a server.
IDeliveryServiceClientRepresents contract for DeliveryServiceClient
IEWSClientRepresents the interface for Exchange client.
IExchangeClientBaseRepresents the interface for base Exchange clients.
IFormatterRepresents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
IGmailClientRepresents the interface for Gmail client
IGraphClientRepresents the interface for Exchange REST client.
IImapMonitoringStateHolds folder monitoring state.
IMailAddressRepresents a common mail address interface
IMailTransferAgentProvides the base interface for mail transfer agents.
IMapiMessageItemBase interface for all message items in Outlook
IMessageRepresents a common message interface
IMessageFormatterProvides a mechanism for retrieving an object to Message formatting.
IMessageObjectPropertyContainerDefines an interface for container which contains MessageObjectProperty entries.
IMultipleServicesTokenProviderDefines interface allowing to retrieve access token.
INamedPropertyTagProviderInterface of named mapi property tag provider.
IPreferredTextEncodingProviderDefines a interface for objects that can define PreferredTextEncoding.
ITokenProviderDefines interface allowing to retrieve access token.
IgnoreExceptionsCallbackIgnore Exceptions callback.
IgnoreExceptionsLogCallbackIgnored Exceptions Log callback.


MailPriorityRepresents the mail priopity
MailSensitivitySpecifies the sensitivity of a MailMessage.