Class OlmMessageInfo

  • public class OlmMessageInfo
    extends Object

    Represents an information about message in the OLM storage.

    • Method Detail

      • getSubject

        public final String getSubject()

        Gets the message subject.

      • getDate

        public final Date getDate()

        Gets the date of message.

      • getModifiedDate

        public final Date getModifiedDate()

        Gets the date of message.

      • getTo

        public final List<MapiElectronicAddress> getTo()

        Gets the address collection that contains the recipients of message.

      • getMessageClass

        public final String getMessageClass()

        Gets a case-sensitive string that identifies the sender-defined message class, such as IPM.Note. The message class specifies the type, purpose, or content of the message.

      • hasAttachments

        public final boolean hasAttachments()

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether the message has attachments.

        Value: true if this instance has attachments; otherwise, false.