Class VCardTelephoneType

  • public final class VCardTelephoneType
    extends Enum

    Enumerates a vCard telephone types

    • Nested Class Summary

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        Enum.AbstractEnum, Enum.EnumMap, Enum.FlaggedEnum, Enum.ObjectEnum, Enum.SimpleEnum
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int BBS
      A bulletin board service number
      static int CAR
      A car-phone number
      static int CELL
      A cellular number
      static int FAX
      A facsimile number
      static int HOME
      A home number
      static int ISDN
      An ISDN number
      static int MODEM
      A modem number
      static int MSG
      A messaging service on the number
      static int None
      No values are set.
      static int PAGER
      A pager number
      static int PCS
      A personal communication services telephone number
      static int PREF
      A preferred number
      static int VIDEO
      A video-phone number
      static int VOICE
      A voice number
      static int WORK
      A work number
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      Constructor and Description
      Constructor for VCardTelephoneType.
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